Top Things to See & Do in Riga, Latvia

Posted by Simona Lukošaitytė  |  June 23, 2016

Well, it is quite obvious that Riga is an absolutely great destination for a weekend getaway trip! It is a place where you can easily find inspiration and relax. The capital of Latvia is a pearl of the whole Baltic region – you will figure it out by yourself. Riga is included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list, and for good reason. It is the largest city in the Baltic States, home to more than 700,000 inhabitants. It is a multicultural city in which everybody can always find a large number of things to see & do. Still thinking about what to do in Riga? Baltic Tours team has prepared a list of interesting things to do on your unforgettable weekend in Riga.

Already in Riga, But Don’t Know Where to Go?

As a first sight, we highly recommend starting your touring experience with St. Peter’s Church. You can simply take an elevator that will take you to the top, where you can admire the red roofs and cobbled streets of the Old Town. But make sure it’s a sunny day! The view is much more beautiful. After this, you can go to get some knowledge about the history of Latvia. The best place to learn more about this country is to visit the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. This museum is a haunting memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and of Soviet repression. We have even more to suggest for people who like museums. Take a walk on Alberta Street and see The Art Nouveau Museum, which is more than worth seeing. The building has a spiral staircase with ornamental ceiling paintings. This Art Nouveau staircase is among the most impressive not only in Riga but also in the whole of Europe.

Any Other Suggestions?

After a day of walking, you can explore pubs and try local Latvian drinks. If you want something really unique – try Riga Black Balsam. Sometimes it is described as having a medicinal taste. It can be drunk on its own or in cocktails, although you must remember it is very strong!

Don’t forget to experience the nightlife in Riga. With reasonable prices, friendly locals and tourists, and numerous bars, Riga is known as a party destination. You can try your skills on singing at the huge karaoke bar named “Rock Café” or go to one of the most popular bars called “I Love You.” We truly hope you will enjoy your stay!

One of the most important things – souvenirs. The best choice is to go shopping at the Riga Central Market, the largest market in Europe. There’s a good chance you can hunt for and find unexpected treasures there.

Additionally, you can discover more activities in Riga. You can always take the free tour and go to explore the city for free. In the Old Town, you can find many cozy streets for a fabulous walk. Don’t be afraid to get lost! Sometimes, it is really nice to get lost and explore a city. After spending the entire weekend there, we believe you will fall in love with Riga and come back again. Ready?