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Interested in travelling? Can’t wait to explore Baltics? Dying to visit Scandinavia? Passionate about touring in Asia? Congratulations, you are in the very right place! Especially, if you can’t live without intriguing gastronomy secrets! As you may have already known – food is not only a thing to survive… It’s way more than a ritual, a ceremony, a great moment of relax, pleasure and astonishment. Food gathers all the feelings up together: from sentimental aroma, a flavour of childhood, to new travel experiences and unexpected piquancy… Bitter, spicy, sour, sweet, salty – for every character, temperament and soul! We truly hope you aren’t about skipping these glorious moments on this special tour! Loads of intriguing restaurants, excellent wine places, pubs and cozy cafes are right over there, waiting for you to book a table for a lovely evening. Book a tour around Russia, Poland or Belarus, visit Scandinavia, explore Baltic States, fall in love with touring Asia! Decisions decisions… Not so hard to make ones, right?

Pre or post tour options will open the door for your ideas or special interests. If any advice or recommendation needed – do not hesitate to contact us – [email protected]

senoji-trobele-place-to-eatBook a table at Senoji Trobelė – a small and incredibly cosy restaurant in a new part of Vilnius town. Old traditional, national and authentic recipes, friendly and helpful service. It’s a real culinary heritage and treasure!

herrind-and-cold-beetroot-soup-traditional-foodFind a nice local place to eat and don’t skip an opportunity to try these extraordinary dishes! Baltic countries and Scandinavia are about to surprise you with delicious herring or cold beetroot soup! Yes, we know that a pink soup looks crazy… though tastes awesome.

Book one of our interesting tours and travel to Baltic States, visit Scandinavia, tour in Russia, Belarus and Poland, explore Asia!

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