Places to see & do

Places to see & do – created specially for you! There are so many amazing places to see in the world, so get ready and spread your imagination on your dream destination. Remember, you have to taste a culture if you want to understand it! To taste – to get acquainted with every compelling type of detail: music and concerts, art galleries and museums, to participate in workshops, to meet ordinary and extraordinary locals, have a curious chat together! All of these brilliant components are about to help you experience more of the diverse beauty and culture of lovely Baltics, minimalistic Scandinavia, legendary Russia, intriguing Central-Eastern Europe and great Asia. Places to see are just astauding…  You must honestly walk hand in hand with a culture, this is the best way in the world to feel it! Are you ready for places to see & do? You trip is about to be magical!

Pre or post holiday tour options will open the door for your ideas or special vacation interests. If any advice or recommendation needed – do not hesitate to contact us – [email protected]

handmadeHandmade pottery. Something truly unique and traditional in all the Baltics. It is an absolute must see & do! You can find it in loads of places. Don’t skip an opportunity to join one of the workshops during your sightseeing tour!

verbos-things-to-sea-in-lithuaniaThese aren’t some kind of naturally growing flowers… It’s typically hand crafted “Easter Palms”, “Verba” in Lithuanian. Get a chance to make one for yourself or bring one of these magical “Verba” as a souvenir. Just be careful, it’s quite fragile!

traditional-craftingTraditional crafts show the distinctive character, uniqueness and originality of the nation. It’s more than worth seeing! Take a look at one of the famous folk artists – Genadijus Mikuckis from Lithuania, he knows everything about folk crafting! Places to see & do – what else shall we recommend you?

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