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Welcome to a journey of cultural exploration through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and the captivating city of Helsinki, Finland. To truly understand these diverse cultures, you’ll want to immerse yourself in their unique offerings, from the melodies of music to the strokes of art and the heartwarming connections with locals.

In Poland, Krakow beckons with its historic Old Town, an architectural gem that stands as a reminder of history’s impact. Warsaw, the capital, offers a vibrant arts scene and a UNESCO-listed Old Town to explore.

Lithuania’s Vilnius is a picturesque wonder, with its charming Old Town and the artistic Užupis district. Don’t miss the chance to get hands-on with the art of handmade pottery by joining a workshop. You can also discover the delicate tradition of crafting ‘Easter Palms’ known as ‘Verba’ in Lithuanian – a heartfelt and fragile art form.


Latvia invites you to wander through Riga’s architectural masterpieces, particularly its stunning Art Nouveau buildings. You can also delve into the delicate tradition of crafting “Easter Palms” (known as “Verba” in Lithuanian) – a heartfelt and fragile art form.

Estonia’s Tallinn is a preserved medieval jewel, with its UNESCO-listed Old Town showcasing history and modernity side by side. The city’s tech scene adds a contemporary touch to its rich heritage.

In Helsinki, Finland, immerse yourself in traditional Finnish sauna culture. Saunas are an integral part of Finnish life, and there’s no better way to unwind and connect with the locals than to experience a traditional Finnish sauna. You’ll find them throughout the city, ranging from rustic wood-fired saunas to more modern spa-like facilities.


These destinations offer an authentic cultural experience, from the artistry of handmade pottery to the charming tradition of Easter Palms. Each place has its own unique story, where history meets innovation. So, go ahead and embrace the world’s diverse beauty and culture through these captivating locations.

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