The charming Liepaja

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 28, 2016

If Liepaja was a human, it would be a stylish punk rocker with a warm smile and a heart full of love. Liepaja is nothing like you‘ve seen before – rough around the edges, but full of charm and bohemian atmosphere. Liepaja is peaceful and cosy but sometimes turns restless – just like the Baltic sea washing the shores of Liepaja.

Tiny bit of history

Liepaja was founded in the 13th century by the Livonian Order. The city wasn’t big until Tsar Alexander III built a port at the beginning of 19th century. For years it was an industrial town and homed the first Baltic Fleet of Russian submarines, but after the World War II, Soviets made Liepaja (or what was left of it) into a strategic military base.
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Building culture

Liepaja has grown from a small village to the third biggest city in Latvia. This cosy port town is one of the most prominent cities in Latvia and has a deep and rich culture and appreciation for arts. Jazz holds a meaningful place in Liepaja‘s cultural life. Music festivals like The Baltic Beach Party and Fontaine Festival are the main pop and rock music festivals in the region. Liepaja is the place where the majority of Latvia‘s musicians and artists start their careers – Liepaja’s University offers a range of different art programs for newly made students. And of course, Liepaja being located by the sea means that the majority of Sailors from the Baltics got their degrees in this city.

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A darker way of tourism

One of the biggest attractions you have to see when you visit Liepaja is the Karosa Prison Museum. The former prison is now turned into a museum or more likely a performance or an experience. Actors pretend to be guards, while the visitors are turned into prisoners – they are interrogated and „punished“. Visitors can even stay overnight in former prison cells to experience the past of this dark theme park kind of a museum. So for those who visit Liepaja and enjoy a bit darker and extreme way of experiencing things, Karosa Prison is an absolute must to see.

Sunny amber beaches

Liepaja is a port city with an excellent beach you can spend entire days just soaking in the sun. A gorgeous coast covered with white sand is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Baltic sea. Be sure to take advantage of the beach and go exploring for the most precious Baltic gem – amber. Stormy weather always makes up for the gloomy days by covering the beach with small amber stones for you to find.
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Whatever you decide you want to do – relax, walk around the colorful streets of Liepaja, sunbathe on the beach or just listen to some music and have lunch – this beautiful port city won’t let you get bored.