How Much Does a Trip to Poland Cost?

Posted by Kornelija Kadyte  |  April 17, 2019

In 2018, the 10th annual City Costs Barometer by Post Office Travel Money declared Warsaw and Krakow, two Polish cities, among the cheapest European destinations. The study factored in expenses for a three-course meal for two, a bottle of wine, coffee, a soda, beer, a glass of wine, airport transfers, a city travel card, sightseeing, and museum visits. The cost for a trip to Warsaw was approximately 193 euros, and Krakow was about 185 euros.

Let’s explore the overall cost of a trip to Poland, from tours and entertainment to accommodation, food, and transportation.

Warsaw, Poland

Tours and Entertainment

Poland offers a wide array of free attractions, from mountain hikes and skiing to seaside relaxation and strolls through charming old towns and national parks. However, if you wish to dive deeper into Poland’s culture and history, consider guided tours or museum visits. Here are some price ranges:

  • City tours typically range from 20 to 40 euros in various Polish cities.
  • Entrance to the Wieliczka salt mine costs about 20 euros.
  • Explore the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow for about 5 euros.
  • Admission to Auschwitz-Birkenau is free, while guided tours cost around 40 euros.
  • The majestic Malbork Castle entrance fee is 11 euros.
  • Experience the wonders of the Copernicus Science Museum in Warsaw for approximately 9 euros.
  • Embark on a 4-day Bialowieza Forest tour with a Bison safari for about 800 euros.

Warsaw, Poland


Hotel prices in Warsaw start at a reasonable 40 euros for a double room, equating to just 20 euros per person. If you’re a budget-conscious traveler, you can find beds in hostels for less than 10 euros per night. Alternatively, Airbnb apartments offer a wide range, with prices averaging between 20 and 100 euros per night. For a simple yet comfortable apartment, expect to pay around 30 euros, while luxurious apartments with breathtaking views may cost between 60 and 100 euros.

Warsaw, Poland


Dining out in Poland is a delightful experience. A meal in a restaurant typically costs around 5 euros, while a restaurant beer costs about 1.6 euros, and coffee ranges from 1.5 to 2 euros.

Here are some prices for common food items in Polish shops:

  • Bread: 0.6 euro.
  • Butter: 1.05 euro.
  • Cheese (1kg): 4.6 euros.
  • Ham (1kg): 5.8 euros.
  • Eggs (10): 1.2 euros.
  • Meat (1kg): 3.5 euros.
  • Fish (1kg): 5.4 euros.
  • Bottle of water: 0.4 euro.
  • Coca-Cola: 1.2 euros.
  • Bottle of wine: 3.5 euros.
  • Bottle of beer: 0.6 euro.

In a Polish cuisine restaurant, an average meal for two people, including two mid-range appetizers, two main courses, two beverages, and one dessert, costs around 20 euros. However, you’ll find numerous budget-friendly eateries where two people can dine for approximately 8 euros. For a more upscale dining experience, expect to spend around 50 euros for two people.

Polish food


Public transport in Warsaw offers affordability with options like:

  • Single ticket: 1.5 euros.
  • 1-day ticket: 5.8 euros.
  • 3-day ticket: 8.1 euros.
  • Weekend ticket: 5.4 euros.

Car rental prices are also quite reasonable, starting from 50 euros per day in Warsaw and around 30 euros per day in smaller Polish cities. Train travel in Poland is both convenient and cost-effective, with examples like:

  • Warsaw to Krakow for 18 euros or 40 euros for a high-speed train.
  • Gdansk to Zakopane for 24 euros.

Transport in Warsaw, Poland

The Average Cost of a Trip to Poland

Naturally, the total cost of a trip to Poland can vary widely, as travelers have unique preferences and priorities. However, let’s create a hypothetical vacation model for a 7-day trip for two people with a medium budget. The itinerary includes a few days in Northern Poland, a few days in Southern Poland, and a weekend in Warsaw.

  • High-speed train from Warsaw to Gdansk: Approximately 80 euros.
  • Car rental for a few days in Gdansk to explore Northern Poland: Around 30 euros (excluding gas).
  • Two nights in a 3-star hotel by the seaside in Leba: Approximately 80 euros.
  • High-speed train from Gdansk to Krakow: About 105 euros.
  • Car rental for a few days in Krakow to explore Southern Poland: Around 100 euros (excluding gas).
  • A one-night stay in a studio apartment in Krakow’s old town: Approximately 35 euros.
  • Apartment with mountain views in Zakopane: Around 30 euros.
  • High-speed train from Krakow to Warsaw: Approximately 80 euros.
  • Public transport in Warsaw for a weekend: About 10 euros.
  • Two nights in a 3-star hotel in Warsaw: Approximately 70 euros.
  • Main attractions in Warsaw: Approximately 50 euros.
  • Food for a week (excluding restaurants): Approximately 50 euros.
  • Five meals in Milk bars (Polish-style cafeterias): Approximately 40 euros.
  • Two meals in restaurants: Around 70 euros.

The estimated total average cost for a 7-day trip to Poland for two people (excluding flights) is approximately 830 euros.


For a budget-friendly trip to Poland, opt for more meals in Milk bars, stay in hostels, and explore the abundant free attractions. You can also consider regular train journeys to save on high-speed train costs. Your adventure in Poland can truly be an economical one, as it remains one of the most affordable destinations in Europe.