You are bound to love Mragowo!

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 18, 2016

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, If you don‘t – better start believing. The exceptional town of Mragowo is bound to wake the butterflies in your stomach. The significant scenery of the nature that surrounds Mragowo will make you forget all your worries, and that‘s a promise. The well-developed tourism and exceptional recreational centres attract thousands of visitors from both Poland and abroad. Even though Mragowo is a small town, it surely has a broad selection of activities for you to take part in. Enjoy the breathtaking nature in Mragowo, participate in outdoor activities, go dancing with locals in one of the many annual festivals. With everything that this Polish town has to offer, you are bound to love Mragowo!

Tours in Mragowo – city to visit | Baltic Tours


One of the most original attractions in Poland is the mini Western town in Mragowo – Mrongoville. The mini-city was created to look like a cowboy Western America style. Mrongoville is an entertainment and recreation centre, providing a bunch of incredibly fun attractions! Western shops, banks, hotels, a prison with its Western sheriff, rodeo, concerts and performances, horseback writing, lasso throwing and many more exciting attractions are provided in Mrogoville. Every single detail in this mini-town was created to represent the spirit of the period.

Staying active outdoors

One of the best things about Mrogowo is the spectacular nature surrounding the town. If you are a fan of staying active and spending time in the great outdoors – you will love Mrogowo! There are a lot of different beautiful hiking tracks around the town, for you to choose from. The town is located in between to lakes. Water sports are very popular in Mragowo – everything from kayaking to fishing, calm boat rides or just relaxing on the beaches of the crystal clear lakes. Locals from Mragowo always tried their best to keep the nature surrounding them as pure and unpolluted, so every visitor now can experience the beauty of untouched Polish nature.

Tours in Mragowo – city to visit | Baltic Tours

Sightseeing and having fun

Regardless the fact of Mragowo being a small town, it has plenty of sights for you to enjoy. People who like architecture will enjoy walking around the centre of Mragowo. A lot of beautiful buildings are homed by the town – old churches from different periods of history; a spectacular town hall, and old tenements of a few of the town’s streets. For history lovers, the city offers to visit the Museum of Mrogowo. It holds temporary exhibitions covering local artwork.


Mragowo has a surprisingly well-developed housing sector that has over 1500 places to offer tourists and visitors of the town. It doesn‘t matter who is looking for a place to stay – business people or travellers, the town has the ideal location prepared. Boarding houses, hotels, hostels, private housing… The only problem someone might have with the accommodation is how hard it will be to choose from the vast amount of offers. The largest and most popular leisure facility in Mrogowo is the Mrogova Hotel, that has a newly opened water complex and even an amazing SPA!

Tours in Mragowo – city to visit | Baltic Tours