Why Do Australians Name Northern Europe as Their Dream Destination?

Posted by Tomas Papinigis  |  February 19, 2018

It might have happened that you recently scrolled through a post by a local blogger writing about their journey in Scandinavia, or a friend of yours has just landed from Denmark. Let’s uncover the reasons behind the recent hype around traveling to Northern Europe.

Australians Love Exploring Northern Europe

For many, it may still seem unusual that the countries of Northern Europe could charm an Aussie so well. However, according to the results of a recent survey published by the Australian Government Tourism Research department, the number of Australians who have visited Northern Europe has skyrocketed! The dramatic surge in the number of Australian visitors will seem casual after you get to know this gorgeous region.

The Land of Many Wonders

Let’s start with nature! It’s simply staggering! Picture yourself hiking through the tip-tops of fjords over 3000 feet tall and 9 miles long, admiring waterfalls, hidden lakes, and stunning landscapes. You’ll island-hop across the rocky Stockholm Archipelago, observing mighty fortresses and colorful summerhouses. You might even find yourself in a dog-sleigh, riding across the winter wonderland of Lapland right to Santa Claus’ doorstep.

Northern Lights in Norway

Kind People of the North

It’s a fact – you will meet some fabulous locals here! The only disappointment is that you probably won’t run into some 7-feet tall red-bearded Vikings. Although sometimes shy at the beginning, the fair-haired Scandinavians are known to be extremely tolerant and welcoming people. Everybody speaks English, so feel free to chat with locals while tasting your Gravlaks or enjoying local drinks at the bar.

Group is the Way

It is no secret that a trip to a faraway land is best fulfilled by traveling with small to medium-sized groups. This way, you will make new friends within your fellow mates and make the most of the opportunities available exclusively to groups, such as enriched knowledge about the countries, guided tours, and personal attention from the guides.

Get the Most of It

A journey across Northern Europe is usually a lengthy one. To make the most of it, be careful when picking the tour operator, as it will have a crucial impact on the quality of your stay. Do some homework and look for a transparent company. With the right guidance and proper treatment, your journey through the North will be as comfortable and joyful as a walk in the park.

Tourists enjoying a panoramic view of Bergen

Let’s Tour the North Together

Consider teaming up with us, and you may find that an experienced partner like us is the final ingredient in your perfect Northern Europe voyage recipe! Our team understands what makes trips special and is flexible enough to adjust to your personal needs, making your trip truly a dream come true! Baltic Tours’ team has a record of fulfilling dreams like yours since 1991 and is eager to embark on the next one!

All our tours are guaranteed departures, and we assure you that the experience you get is as cost-efficient as possible. However, we and fellow travelers believe that personal care is what makes us truly special. Your trip will be personally adjusted should you need some leisure time, and you can expect to receive advice on everything – from your arrival to departure!