Where is Lithuania Located

Posted by Elena Praneviciute  |  July 19, 2019

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Where is Lithuania?” you’re not alone. This hidden gem in Europe often escapes the radar of many travelers. But fear not, because we’re here to introduce you to Lithuania’s unique charm and its intriguing location.

Lithuania Beach

Part of the Baltic States

Lithuania, the largest of the Baltic States, is tucked away in Northern Europe. It shares borders with Poland, Belarus, and Latvia. In 2017, the Baltic States officially joined the Northern European club. Lithuania may not be a sprawling nation, covering approximately 65,300 square kilometers, but it offers a bit of everything. With a stunning 99-kilometer coastline along the Baltic Sea, it’s no wonder that this country boasts such a unique blend of natural beauty. And it’s home to around 2.8 million people, known for their warm hospitality.

Lithuania Nature

A Safe Haven in Nature

One of the remarkable aspects of Lithuania is its geographical tranquility. While some parts of the world grapple with natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, or colossal hurricanes, Lithuania stands untouched. It has no volcanoes or towering mountains; the highest point in the country is the modest Aukštojas Hill, standing at just 294 meters. Lithuania is a land of lakes, rivers, wetlands, and mixed forests, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. Surprisingly, it also holds the prestigious title of being the geographical center of Europe. Scientists confirmed this unique position in 1989 when they redefined Europe’s boundaries. The center of Europe is located only 26 kilometers from Vilnius, Lithuania’s vibrant capital.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Unusual Climate for the North

When you think of a country in Northern Europe, you might envision a perpetually cold and snowy landscape. But Lithuania defies these expectations. Summers here can be hot, with temperatures sometimes soaring to nearly 40 degrees Celsius in certain regions. Some even jest that you don’t need tropical islands when you can experience the sizzling heat of Lithuania. Winters, while not exactly balmy, are relatively mild, with temperatures rarely plummeting below -20 degrees Celsius. Snowfall in winter adds a touch of charm, giving you that quintessential Northern country experience.

So, whether you’re an adventurer at heart, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique travel destination, Lithuania’s location offers more than meets the eye. “Where is Lithuania” may have been your initial question, but with its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and warm people, Lithuania invites you to embark on a journey that goes beyond the map. Don’t just explore it online – come experience it in person. Get ready for a modern adventure with Baltic Tours, and discover the allure of Lithuania for yourself.