Where is Lithuania located

Posted by Elena Praneviciute  |  July 19, 2019

      A lot of people don’t know where Lithuania is located, they have no idea usually in what part of the world this country may be. If you tell them that it is a part of the Baltic states, they might say that they have heard something about them. Well, if you are one of those people that don’t have a clue where this country is, then you have come to the right place – Baltic Tours invites you to find out where Lithuania is located and to get to know it a little bit more.


Part of the Baltic States

As we have mentioned earlier, Lithuania is one of the Baltic States. Lithuania is the biggest country out of all three Baltic countries. This country is located among several countries: Poland, Belarus, and Latvia. Since 2017 the Baltic states are considered as North European countries. This country is of 65,300 square kilometers of land and has 1.35 percent of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania has around 2.8 million people living in it. Lithuania is not a big country but it has everything – it has 99 km of sandy coastline, only about 38 km of which face the open Baltic Sea and it is considered a beautiful green country.


The safe geographical location of Lithuania

The geographical location of Lithuania helps it have a safe environment for people to live in. This country has no disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis or big hurricanes, it has no vulcanos and does not have any big mountains – the highest place in Lithuania is Aukštojas hill which is only 294 meters high. Lithuania has a lot of lakes and rivers, it’s also home to many wetlands and mixed forests. So you can see that the location of this country is pretty calm and not dangerous at all. Lithuania is actually the geographical center of Europe, as discovered by scientists in 1989 when they were re-estimating the boundaries of Europe. This geographical center of Europe is located 26 km away from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.


The not so North like climate

Even though Lithuania’s location is in the North of Europe, the weather is quite different from the usual northern typical weather. When thinking of a country in the North of Europe, you would usually think of chilly weather, mountains, maybe even snow, but Lithuania’s location has nothing to do with its climate. This country has hot summers – the temperature goes up to almost 40 degrees Celsius in some regions. Some people even joke around that who needs tropical islands when you can have the burning heat in Lithuania. The winters are not that cold – the temperature falls down only to 20 degrees below zero or a bit more. For a North country, it’s not that cold. During the winter there is snow so then you can get that Northern country feeling.

Hopefully, now you know where Lithuania is located and you know its exact place on the map. We are very glad that you wish to know more about Lithuania and Baltic Tours invites you to explore this wonderful country not just on the map, but also in reality.