Walking around in the cheeky town of Šiauliai

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 17, 2016

Šiauliai might not be the biggest town in Lithuania, but its locals are very extraordinary people that made their city a roguish and exciting place to live. Amongst the many tattoo parlours, fantastic restaurants and cafes, trendy bars and clubs, there are a few out of the ordinary museums and historic places for you to see. So keep your eyes open while walking around in the cheeky town of Šiauliai – you don‘t want to miss anything!

A museum filled with cuteness

If you‘re a cat person, you will most definitely want to visit the Cat Museum! In is located in the south-east of the centre, so when going to visit the museum, you‘ll have the chance to see the majority of Šiauliai city centre. The Museum homes an unusual exhibition that contains everything cat-related. Statues of cats, pictures hanging on the walls and other memorabilia. There are even real live cats that live in the museum and sometimes follow you around as you explore the museum. This museum filled with cuteness is one of the best places to visit when you tour Šiauliai!

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For bike lovers

Šiauliai is famous for its historical bike factory. In 1948 a bicycle facility under the name „Virus“ (wheel) was opened in Šiauliai and started making high-quality Lithuanian bikes. The name has been changed to „Baltik Vairas“ (Baltic Wheel) in the recent years, but the company still manufactures great bikes. To honour the important business, in 1980 a bicycle museum was opened. It exhibits old bikes and motorbikes. Some of the more interesting exhibits are the 100-year-old hand made child tricycle or an English bike „Imperial Triumph“ made in 1912. This museum is worth a visit and provides a fascinating insight into the history of this modern vehicle.

The Iron Fox

While Vilnius is famous for its legendary Iron Wolf statute, Šiauliai has its own Iron Fox. Created to mark the 1000 year anniversary of the first mention of Lithuania, the iron Fox now is a well-known monument of Šiauliai. Nobody knew about the production of this statue – the artist Vilius Puronas worked in secret. Only one private firm sponsored the creation of this cheeky statue. The Iron Fox „lives“ by a lake and is the face of Šiauliai.

The Hill of Crosses

One of the most memorable places in Lithuania is the is a site of pilgrimage – Hill of Crosses. It is located near Šiauliai, and most of the tours of Lithuania provides a visit to the unique place. The origin and the reason of this odd practice are unknown, but for over a hundred of years people, mostly pilgrims, have been bringing crosses and rosemaries to this hill. Nowadays, even statues of Virgin Mary are drawn to this sight. Some people find the Hill of Crosses chilling, but it is, in fact, a sacred place where people come to find peace. The exact number of crosses on the hill are unknown, but in 2006 the number was just a bit over 100 thousand. The Hill of Crosses is a popular spiritual sight; there are always people wandering around the labyrinth made entirely of crosses.

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