Vilnius – where urban life meets rustic traditions

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 28, 2016

One of the Baltic capitals, Vilnius brings modern life together with old school traditional Lithuanian culture. It‘s a city packed with monuments, churches and museums, filled with green spaces and parks, a booming bar culture and appreciation for everything that‘s new and exciting. Surely, Vilnius – where urban life meets deep and rustic traditions – is a Lithuanian gem worth spending quality time at. So chose a Vilnius city tour, get your walking shoes on and let‘s get started.

Unique old town

From the beginning of 13th to the end of the 18th century, Vilnius was the Political centre for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The city had a massive impact on the cultural development of Eastern Europe, despite Lithuania being invaded and partly destroyed so many times. Vilnius preserved an extraordinary collection of architecture creations, museums and historical landmarks. When you visit Vilnius, make sure to spend time exploring the biggest Baroque Old Town in East and Middle Europe. The Old Town has around seventy streets and over 1400 buildings! Make time to get lost in the little-cobbled streets – it is something special!Vilnius tours. Tour of Vilnius. Travel Lithuania. Baltic tours.

Places to see

The city homes quite the amount of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance churches and classical buildings. Vilnius guide tours will provide you with a chance to visit such historic monuments as the Vilnius Cathedral, Peter and Paul Church The Gediminas Castle, Gates of Dawn, Palace of the Dukes and much much more. Keep in mind that with the amount of places to visit in Vilnius, you won‘t get bored and will come back home with culture just flowing through your veins. Surely seeing the historical yards of Vilnius University is an absolute must – the university is a place where so much of Lithuanian history was made. What is more, Vilnius has plenty of more interesting and new spots for you to visit. If you‘re a fan of space – don‘t miss a chance to see and old school planetarium. Or maybe if you love art – visit the National Art Gallery and enjoy an exhibition covering all the most important art movements. And if you‘re lucky enough, your tour in Vilnius will be during a traditional Kaziukas fair – streched all over the city center, a mesmerizing fair can offer you a great amount of traditional Lithuanian activities, food and souvenirs.
Vilnius tours. Tour of Vilnius. Travel Lithuania. Baltic tours.
Tour in Vilnius. Visit Vilnius. Baltic Tours
One of the best things about Vilnius is its green spaces. Vilnius recently renovated The Bernardini Garden, making it so beautiful – you‘ll never want to leave it! There is also Vingis Park, a park – so big, it continually hosts concerts, has plenty of bars and restaurants, rents bikes, longboards and roller skates so that you can stay active. Since Vilnius is located by a river, it has an embankment going all through the city and a couple of neighbourhoods. It is perfect for jogging or just an evening stroll. Lithuania is famous for its beautiful nature and Vilnius made sure to keep it visible all through the city.
Vilnius tours. Tour of Vilnius. Travel Lithuania. Baltic tours.

A country within a city

The Independent Republic of Užupis is one of the greatest Vilnius attractions. A neighbourhood across the Vilnelė river was always home to artists and bohemians. The life there was so different from the rest of Vilnius, that the locals just decided to become an independent republic! Everyone in all Vilnius and most likely Lithuania knows that the Republic of Užupis is just a tiny amazing country, where a whole different life is happening. If you want to feel the bohemian spirit when you visit Vilnius, make sure to tour around in Užupis, and it‘s small but art filled streets.

Growing urban life

Since Vilnius is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, the urban life is booming and growing. The city has a great public transport infrastructure and if you‘re not a fan of buses – you can always rent an orange city bike – they are all over the city. Probably the best things about Vilnius tour is that it provides you with the opportunity to experience the excellent nightlife of the city. Trendy bars and night clubs are more popular than ever, there are so many events in Vilnius, such as concerts and performances, you won‘t be able to see even one-third of them. A fastly growing economy makes sure that there are new and promising businesses starting every day. The youth of Vilnius is truly creative and hard working, promising all of Lithuania a brighter future.
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In case you get hungry

A long Vilnius guided tour can make anyone hungry. So when your tummy starts rumbling, don‘t hesitate to visit one of the many places to grab a bite at. Ranging from sandwich shops, desert cafes to high-class restaurants and bistros.
traditional Lithuanian dishes. And if you are in a mood for something traditional, there is an infinity of restaurants that serve excellent Lithuanian dishes for you enjoy. Make sure to try Cepelinai or a lurid pink soup – cold borscht, or just choose from a wide range of Lithuanian dishes. Lithuanians are very proud of their traditional cuisine, so when you visit Vilnius, there will surely be plenty opportunities for you to enjoy some delicious Lithuanian food. And the greatest thing is – all over the year, different fairs take place in Vilnius and offer a wide variety of beautiful rustic dishes.Vilnius tour. Tours in Vilnius. Batlic Tours

Of course, probably the best think about visiting Vilnius is that there are so many one day tours from Vilnius to anywhere in Lithuania! So when you tour around the Capital, you have a chance to see the rest of the country.