Vilnius – Among The Best In Europe

Posted by Tomas Papinigis  |  June 04, 2018

Vilnius has always been regarded as one of the most charming cities in the Northeastern part of Europe. However, recently the Lithuanian capital has been building up its reputation as one of the most outstanding places to visit in the whole Europe!

Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide publisher in the world, has named Vilnius as one of their top 10 European places to visit in 2018. The experts suggest that the charm of Vilnius fits among such places as Provence in France or Cantabria in Spain. Here’s what the giant of traveling says about this magnificent city.


A City on a Rise

Vilnius has been quietly making its way up to the ranks of premier destinations for a wonderful weekend. According to Lonely Planet, the unique cultural and historical setting, that includes the sorrow memories of Jewish ghetto under the dark sky of WWII and graceful high-rising pearls of Baroque architecture, makes the uprising atmosphere of the city almost tangible.


An Understated Alternative Scene

During the recent years, Vilnius has become a scene of fabulous New Nordic-inspired restaurants that are keeping their pace close to the rivals from the other coast of the Baltic Sea. On top of that, this year marks the 100th year of Lithuania’s Act of Independence and more than a bunch celebrations await such as an iconic song festival throughout the whole month of July.


Experts’ suggestions

Vilnius has found its confident, quirky voice – and it’s only a matter of time before the world cottons on, the experts from Lonely Planet says, while we, as traveling professionals ourselves, invite you to check out some of our exceptional tours including the vibrant city of Vilnius.