Unique places to travel to during a bike tour

Posted by Elena Praneviciute  |  June 21, 2019

Unique places to travel to during a bike tour

It’s very fun to travel and see new and gorgeous places with your friends or family, but sometimes it’s fun to also have some adventures during your trip to a certain location, to see Europe in a slightly different way. One great option to travel in a slightly different way and experience some adventures along the way is traveling by guided bike tours. Travelling by bike is a whole different experience than travelling by plane or car. While traveling by bike you can go to places that you would not even visit if you go by plane and of course it’s a very active and eco-friendly way of traveling. Baltic Tours invites you to look at the most popular and welcoming places to visit during a bike tour.


Sunny Spain

Spain is always a great summer holiday destination. It’s always sunny and has beautiful beaches. But this country is not just for spending a relaxing holiday, it can also be a great place to spend a more active one. Spain is known to have a beautiful architecture in a lot of different cities and towns. If you are interested in seeing something a little different than the usual destinations like Madrid or Barcelona, you should consider going to Andalusia. It is a large autonomous region of hill rivers and farmland, located on the southern coast of Spain. This place has breathtaking views, architecture, churches, and gorgeous castles, this region is home to some of the world known landmarks like Alcázar castle in Seville, the capital city, as well as Córdoba’s Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral and Granada’s Alhambra palace. So you can see that this place is a perfect destination for a bike tour. This region is a must see if you want to discover Spain in a different way.

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Italy – the country filled with culture

Another great place to go to in Europe is Italy. This country is always very welcoming and offering food that everybody loves, the weather which is always warm, breathtaking art, architecture and, of course, the people that are always happy and are very hospitable to all the people who come to admire their beautiful country. And if you’re a fan of good wine, then this is definitely the place to visit during your bike tour. So how can you say “no” to visiting Italy during your bike tour and exploring it when it has marvelous cities like Florence. Of course, everybody has heard about this gorgeous city in Italy. Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region which is filled with wonderful Renaissance art and architecture. The most well-known sight is the Duomo – a cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome, engineered by Brunelleschi and a bell tower by Giotto. The Galleria dell’Accademia displays Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. It’s also home to the Uffizi gallery which exhibits Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation.” This city is a perfect bike tour destination for those who love to admire art and great culture.

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Historical France

Of course, when you are talking about culture and art, you cannot miss mentioning France. This country, just like Italy, is known for its architecture, beautiful cities and towns. One of the most history-filled regions is Alsace. It is located in eastern France, on the west bank of the upper Rhine next to Germany and Switzerland and has well-known cities like Strasbourg and Colmar in it. From 1982 to 2016 it was the smallest administrative region in metropolitan France. Since 2016 it is merged with Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine to form Grand Est. The region is filled with history – from World War II it was in a difficult political decision because it was in France, but also there were a lot of Germans living there, so you can imagine that there are a lot of stories to be heard in this location. Alsace is also the main beer- producing region, so if you enjoy beer, this could be a great opportunity to satisfy your palate. If you have ever seen a beautiful, gorgeous picture of the province of France with cute little houses or a castle with vineyards, there is a big possibility that the picture is from Alsace, as this region is famous of picturesque villages, churches, and castles. And if you have seen some photos from this historical region, you know that just like in many places in France, it doesn’t have too many safe roads to access all the wonderful places. So the easiest way is to travel around this region with a bike.

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Welcoming Lithuania

This country is not as big as the other mentioned countries, but it does not have any less magnificent and interesting places that you should visit. Lithuania is full of beautiful places that are unique and worth the trip. One of those mesmerizing places is Trakai. This town is not far from the capital Vilnius only 28 kilometers away and is interesting for its history and architecture. Trakai is a town that had a lot of people with different nationalities living there through history like Jews, Karaims, Tatars, Russians, Lithuanians, and Poles. The town’s architecture is different from other Lithuanian towns and cities because it has a lot of houses that are traditional for Karaims or Tatars. The most attractive thing of this town is the castle in the middle of the lake that attracts thousands of tourists every year, Lithuanians also love to visit this place regularly during the summer just to walk around with their families or attend one of the concerts that are organized in the castle. If you wish to be closer to the sea then you should definitely visit Palanga and Nida, these are the Lithuanian resorts that also have very beautiful views of the sea and gorgeous nature, the perfect place to relax. Also, all the places are accessible by bike and are bike friendly with great paths for bikes, so that’s really good news if you plan to visit these places during your bike tour.

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As you can see there are a lot of interesting places in Europe and not all of them are accessible by car. Sometimes the best way to travel around in a country or region is by taking your bike and going to every place that is filled with unique places and history.