Traditional Finnish Cuisine in Helsinki

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 29, 2016

My all-time favorite thing about traveling is without a doubt tasting new and exciting foods. If you are a food lover, just like me, make sure to take advantage of Helsinki tours – the city is a foodie heaven! Despite the typical stereotype, Helsinki houses the best Finnish kitchens in the world and offers you the best of Finnish traditional cuisine. So before you visit Helsinki, here is a short guide to Traditional Finnish cooking in Helsinki.

Breakfast in Helsinki

The first thing to try in Helsinki is Karjalanpiirakka. This tasty pastry dish is perfect for breakfast – originated from the Karelian region; the Karjalanpiirakka is a sweet rye crust filled with rice, butter, and boiled egg. When you visit Helsinki, make sure to visit bakeries and cafes that all serve this and much more amazing breakfast meals. Or you can try my personal favorite – Sultsina. Imagine the tastiest crepe in the world having a baby with some delicious cinnamon flatbread – that‘s what Sultsina is. What makes it even better – heavenly rice pudding is often used as a filling. I promise – you won‘t be able to get enough! And don‘t forget to try Korvapuusti – a Finnish version of the cinnamon bun. Soft, sweet, and delicious. Most Finnish breakfast foods and desserts are served pretty much everywhere in Helsinki. The many restaurants and cafes should be your priority places to visit in Helsinki!

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Fish and Meaty Delights

After a long day of Helsinki sightseeing, you might crave something more filling. So order Kalakukko – a sort of bread – pie, filled with little muikku fish. Kalakukko is often thought of as packed lunch since it‘s so filling and contains everything you need for a complete meal. Salmon is very popular in Finland, and you can buy it anywhere in Helsinki. Or you can try Grillimakkara – the Finnish sausages that are usually served in a bun with beer on the side. And if you are a bit more daring than I am – try Mustamakkara. It translates to ‘Black Sausage’ and is a traditional Finnish blood sausage, perfect for those craving some serious meat. The great thing about tours in Helsinki is that there are food trucks and markets everywhere, so you don‘t have to worry about finding a perfect place to eat. Just go to a local food market and order any of the traditional Finnish foods. What is more, canned meat and fish are very popular in the area, and Helsinki has a huge stock of odd and interesting canned foods for you to try.

For Veggie Lovers

Perhaps you don‘t particularly enjoy meat? Maybe you‘re a vegetarian or just a bigger fan of veggies? Well, Helsinki is perfect for that. The city provides you with many places that serve traditional Finnish vegetable dishes. Try the Rosolli – a beetroot salad, or Hernekeitto pea soup (just order it without pork). Make sure to eat some Perunarieska – a Finnish potato flatbread that goes well with soups and stews. Finnish people value the fresh and wild foods like mushrooms and berries, so when you travel in Helsinki, visit a local market to try some freshly picked wild Finnish goods.

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If You Have a Sweet Tooth

Now I‘m not the biggest fan of desserts (weird, I know), but Finland has sweet delights that even I enjoy. Helsinki homes quite the amount of dessert cafes and bakeries, that offer you dreamy delights like the traditional Finnish blueberry pie or Lakkakakku – a cloudberry cake so good, you should travel to Helsinki just for that! Helsinki truly is a heaven for pie and cake lovers. My personal favorite – Puolukkapiirakka is a lingonberry pie served with whipped cream and something from a fairytale. And when you visit Helsinki, don‘t forget to taste Salmiaki – the famous black licorice ice-cream. Salmiaki is unusual, but the salty treat grows on you and at the end of your trip to Helsinki, you won‘t be able to stop eating it!