Touring The Baltics in an Australian Way

Posted by Tomas Papinigis  |  March 13, 2018

Touring Northern Europe has become quite a trend recently. Let’s face it, you definitely know someone who has recently been telling stories or boasting on social media about their adventures in the North. While stunning Nature of Scandinavia may be the first thing that comes to mind, the Baltic States on the eastern coast of the sea of the same name a true hidden gem of the region. Let’s discover how to get the best of the Baltic Countries!

The Not-So-Secret Destination of Dreams

Actually, the Baltics are a holiday destination that isn’t as secret as you would expect. According to the results recently published by Tourism Research Australia, there has been a remarkable surge in the number of Australians going to the Baltics that hasn’t been seen ever before! However, there still may be some raised eyebrows: why should an Aussie trade his or her usual sunny holidays in the Pacific Countries for a long journey on the other side of the globe? Well, let’s remove the doubt by getting to know this gorgeous region!

Sleeping Beauty of The North


Lovely architecture in the capital cities is the first thing that you will notice after your arrival in the Baltics! Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn all have their Old Towns enlisted as UNESCO world heritages. Vilnius boasts an impressive collection of Baroque architecture putting it on the same level as Vienna, the range of Art Nouveau masterpieces in Riga spreads the name of the city all over the world and the Medieval spirit of Tallinn charms anyone wandering the narrow streets of its Old Town.

Home to the Charming Nature


It is truly easy to fall in love with the cities but nature is one aspect of the region you shouldn’t overlook. You will definitely find yourself charmed by the white-sanded dunes of the Curonian Spit. Ideal looking long beaches of Lithuanian and Latvian seaside will seem like a deja vu because of the similarity to the ones of Gold Coast. Lahemaa National Park is another captivating place you wouldn’t want to miss! Lots of wild animals roaming between the rapid rivers and tiny waterfalls is truly a sight to enjoy!

Don’t Hesitate to Communicate

The language barrier is merely an issue – most of the people speak fluent English and are willing to welcome you to their cities. It may seem that Lithuanians are shy and reserved, however, they open up really quickly after you show some interest in them and have a lot of interesting stories to share!

Get the Most of It – Group Up


A trip to and around the Baltics is a lengthy journey and touring the countries in a group will make every aspect of it easier! Basically, a mid-sized group is a perfect suit for this type of journey. Not only will you get to meet amazing people that tour along with you but you will be able to exercise the opportunities that only the groups have access to such as guided tours, personal attention from the guides and priceless knowledge about the country.

Let’s Tour the Baltics Together

After doing some research you might find out that an experienced partner like us is just what is needed to complete! We understand what makes up the recipe for a perfect journey and is more than flexible to suit your needs and make you truly feel like on a trip of your dreams! Baltic Tours has been around since 1991 and is more ready than ever to assist you!

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