Top 4 Best Places to Visit in Warsaw

Posted by Elvyra Ivanovaitė  |  July 27, 2016

The more you travel around Poland, the more you realize that Warsaw is not like the rest of the country. Enriched by a great history, Warsaw stands tall across a broad area, providing you with a chance to tour among its mesmerizing landmarks. A mix of classic gothic, cold communist, and modern urban style architecture creates an exceptional setting you just have to experience at least once. Lucky for you, you have a chance to choose from a vast amount of Warsaw tours and make sure to receive all the wonderful gifts that Warsaw has to offer. Are you ready to learn about the top 4 best places to visit in Warsaw?

Warsaw’s Old Town

Give yourself a chance to wander in the captivating Old Town of Warsaw and feel the lavishing Polish history. During your Warsaw city tour, you will soon realize why the old town captures the biggest tourist attention. The labyrinth-like cobbled streets will lead you among impressive architectural landmarks and guide you through the golden days of Poland. Make sure to visit the Old Town’s Square market and have a drink at one of the great restaurants or bars located there.


The Royal Castle

One of the must-see places is Warsaw’s pride – the Royal Castle – which used to be home to Polish monarchs. Thanks to the entire nation, the Royal Castle was reconstructed after complete destruction during WWII. The castle is located at the opening of Warsaw’s beautiful old town. A tour of the Royal Castle will take you through the monarch’s chambers, decorated with paintings portraying famous moments from Polish history. Make sure to take part in seeing where all of the Polish monarchies used to live! Some believe that the castle is haunted by “the white lady,” but actually, the most haunting thing you will see on your tour is the gold-decorated walls in the Great Assembly Hall. Be sure to grab one of our Warsaw tours to visit the Royal Castle and take in all of its glory.

St. John

Take advantage of one of our Warsaw guided tours and visit the hypnotizing St. John’s Cathedral. Dating back to the 14th century, the cathedral is vibrating with history. The last Polish king was crowned and later buried in the cathedral’s crypt. Many various Mazovian knights and people like Henryk Sienkiewicz or Gabriel Narutowicz were also laid to rest there. The Cathedral holds a secret passage leading to the Royal Castle and has many more historical monuments, which you will surely enjoy.



When visiting Warsaw and touring in the old town, you will surely have the chance to see the defensive tower – the redbrick Barbican. It was partly destroyed in the 19th century but reconstructed after the ending of World War II. Once it served only defensive purposes, but right now it is an attractive spot for tourists and is wildly popular among art sellers.

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