The Treasures of Lithuania

Posted by Elena Praneviciute  |  June 21, 2019

Lithuania is a small country with not that many people living in it. But that does not mean that it has nothing to be proud of. This country in the north of Europe has a few things that it is famous for and that are definitely worth exploring. Baltic Tours invites you to explore some Lithuanian treasures that make this country so unique.

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Green Mesmerizing Nature

There is nothing too special about Lithuanian nature; it doesn’t have high mountains or jungles with exotic animals living in it. Lithuanian nature is simple but yet very beautiful. There are a lot of forests in the country and big green fields, having a view of which will take your breath away. Cities in Lithuania are pretty green, with parks and a lot of green trees almost on every street. The country is also famous for having a lot of lakes and rivers. There are 758 rivers across Lithuania. So you can say that this is a green country.

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UNESCO World Heritage

Lithuania is also one of the countries which can proudly say that it has monuments included in the UNESCO world heritage list. For example, the Old Town of Vilnius (the capital), the Curonian spit, Kernavė Cultural Reserve. Lithuania is also famous for having a traditional song festival that has been happening for almost 100 years and is in the UNESCO list as a non-materialistic heritage. The festival is held every 4 years and unites hundreds of people that love traditional music. In Lithuania, music has always been a big part of history, and it can be proud to be famous for its music, especially for having a unique type of singing called ‘sutartinės’ (multipart songs), which is also in the UNESCO non-materialistic heritage list.

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Sports Are Very Important to Lithuanians

Sports are very important to Lithuanians. Even though the country is small, it still has a lot of great people living in it. In Lithuania, sports are very important, especially basketball. People like to joke around that it is even like a second religion and that there are 3 million basketball coaches living in this country. There are a lot of famous basketball players known across the Atlantic, such as Sabonis, Valančiūnas, and many others who are even playing in the NBA.


A Wide Variety of Architectural Styles

Lithuania has a wide variety of architectural styles in its cities. The country is famous for its old towns with cozy narrow streets. Some people compare them to the ones in Rome. Vilnius Old Town is even considered a world heritage site because it is so unique and different. The Old Town is interesting because it consists of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicism styles, giving it a unique look. But not only Vilnius has a beautiful old town. Many bigger cities like Kaunas and Klaipėda have their beautiful architecture—buildings and houses that have a long history worth seeing and hearing about.

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So, as you can see, there are a lot of things that Lithuania is famous for. Everyone can find something that they are interested in this small but very beautiful and interesting country in the north of Europe. So, we invite you to travel to Lithuania with Baltic Tours.