The Best Time to Travel in Scandinavia

Posted by Tomas Papinigis  |  April 10, 2018

Wondering when’s the best time to visit fabled Northern European countries? We’ve prepared some in-depth recommendations so that your tour in Scandinavia would be a remarkable one!

One Season Fits All

The best time to travel in Scandinavia is summer. When choosing a trip to Norway, it is worth to know, that during the winter, the temperature drops below zero °C and will not even be enjoyed by experienced skiers. Of course, in the winter Norway is fascinating – beautiful landscape, mountains and rivers, but if you’d like to travel in Norway cheaply, it isn’t worth spending holidays here in the cold season.

The Best Time to Visit Norway


For Norway, in the summer the sun sets for only for 3-4 hours, so it is possible to sleep even under the open sky. Just remember, that the tent here can be built not closer than 150 meters from the houses and you can rest there for two days. You must have a permit for a longer staying period!

Often, it’s recommended to spend your vacation in Norway in July. However, traveling to the Northern Europe, even at the best time, you shouldn’t forget that warmer clothes or a waterproof jacket will be useful here during all seasons. Also, it’s interesting that beneath the Arctic circle summers are almost always warmer than in the southern part of the country. If you’re planning your trip in the summer, during the white nights, you’ll almost always get a chance to enjoy pleasant weather and beautiful views.


The Best Time to Visit Sweden


Like in other Scandinavian countries, tourists in Sweden can be scared by frost and huge snowdrifts, so if you want to enjoy the long walks and warm weather, the best time to plan your holidays in Sweden is the summer.

For tourists who like to go hiking in nature and are looking to admire Swedish towns and famous places, it’s recommended to travel in this country from July to September. Warm weather is dominating this time of the year and the thermometer usually shows about 20 °C
However, for everyone who’s ready to withstand the frost and spend holidays in the mountains, it’s advisable to travel here from December to April. If you don’t want mosquitoes and midges to ruin your tour, don’t travel in May and June.

Winter is also a good time to spend your holidays in Sweden if you want to watch the Northern Lights or follow the wolf prints on snowy tracks. If you don’t want to go for a rainy period, it is not worth traveling from August to December, when it rains 15 days per month, on average.

If you want to travel without spending a lot of money, then the best time to plan your tour is in late August and September. During this period, the flights to this Northern Europe country will be cheaper than during the season, as well as the accommodation prices.


The Best Time to Visit Finland

As you have noticed, the best time to travel to Scandinavia is summer. In Finland, this would also be the best time to plan your tour. During this season, the thermometer shows about 30 °C.

Finland, like other Northern Europe countries, is famous for winter sports and its excellent skiing trails. If you are not afraid of low air temperature, which falls to 20 degrees of Celsus in winter, then the Finnish mountains are waiting for you. The ski season in Finland begins in December and lasts until April.

The easiest way to decide when you want to travel to Finland depends on whether you have a clear plan for your tour and have identified what season is the best for your vacation. The Finns describe their country as an area that has eight seasons and a place, where every month, people are waiting for unpredictable weather. Do not forget the seasonal entertainment, which will be more interesting when you arrive at the right time of the year.
When arriving in Finland with your children during the winter, be sure to visit Lapland – the Santa Claus town. In this town, you will be able to meet the real Santa Claus, his reindeers and dwarfs. Here you can also experience exotic entertainment – a ride in a dog-sleigh pulled by huskies. These impressions will turn your vacation into a wonderful time even during the coldest season of the year!


The Best time to Visit Denmark

The country of wind and changeable weather, Denmark, should become a favorite place for those, who do not like hot weather. In the summer, the weather is about 20 °C but rain is regular during this time of the year.

Denmark is the southernmost of the all Scandinavian countries, so the winters here are very mild and warm – air temperature is about 0 degrees. It is hard to say when would be the best time to plan your vacation in Denmark because the air temperature throughout the year is quite warm and suitable for traveling.

The most recommended time to travel in Denmark is from May to August when the days are the longest and the landscape offers the most beautiful views. Autumn and spring are one of the best times suited for observing migratory birds on the west coast.
The most popular type of transport in this country are bikes. One of the most popular cities in Denmark is Copenhagen, where it is very easy to travel by bicycle. The city isn’t very large, and all famous places are located relatively short distances away, which can be reached with ease on foot.


In any case, it is you who should decide, what time of year you ultimately want to choose your holiday in Scandinavian countries. If you are traveling with, talk to your family or friends about the purpose of your trip, what kind of holidays you would like to have, and what places you are going to visit in Northern Europe.

All Scandinavian countries offer you many choices during the summer and winter seasons. In summer you can have fun in nature, go hiking or explore the amazing scenery of beautiful Scandinavian cities, and in the winter the mountains, huge snowfields and the most popular winter sport – skiing – are waiting for you.

Follow the tips to choose the best time for your selected activities, check out the recommended tours for 2018 and enjoy the wonderful and unforgettable holidays in your chosen country!