St. John‘s Festival – where miracles happen

Posted by Auguste Bucaite  |  May 26, 2016

Have you ever heard about St. Johns’ festival? For your interest, it is also known as Midsummer Festival. There is no doubt – once in a lifetime, you must experience it! Baltic Tours team is more than sure that you will enjoy this magnificent event. To be honest, loads of our travellers are coming back for this festival again and again! IT’S INTRIGUING, isn’t it? Continue reading!MIDSUMMER.-Baltic-Tours.

Who Celebrates?

The day of St. John’s or, also known as Midsummer Day, is one of the oldest and most joyful festival, which is more than widely popular among European countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Scandinavian nations, Finland and some other countries. Immerse yourself into spectacular traditional summer festival!



St. John’s day is being celebrated on the 24th of June. The festival has such a special and an extremely important meaning for people. This night is kept as the shortest night of the year, so that means that after that night, the day time is getting shorter and shorter. Also, during this night people believe nature to have magic powers. What is more, St. John’s day is an official day-off in most of the countries mentioned. So many reasons for people to celebrate this terrific day, so everyone start it on the eve of the 23rd.

Why is it so special?

This Midsummer Festival connects all the people, who believe, that this shortest night of the year is as special, as the four elements – water, fire, earth and air! During this night, the air smells like freshly cut grass and bonfire smoke! Sounds spooky and mythical, right? From the pagan times till nowadays, this eve is transfused of culture and traditions, full of spells and magical atmosphere.

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The most remarkable symbols of this St. John’s Festival are a big bonfire and the Fern Blossom. It would be a shame not to mention all revels and fun activities that make this summer night unforgettable. The traditions remaining the pagan times include singing folk songs and dancing until the sun set, telling tales, searching for the magic fern blossom at midnight, jumping over bonfires, greeting the rising midsummer’s sun and washing the face with a morning dew… Young girls float flower wreaths on the water of the river or lake. Just try to imagine this for a moment, can it be more charming?

What about the blossom?

Story tells that the fern shows its blossom only on this miraculous night, and those who will find it – will be lucky all their life! Maybe, you should try to find your own luck? Hit the road and visit magical Baltics, Fabulous Scandinavia, Poland and Russia! Midsummer festival is about to blow your mind away, so get ready to fill your luggage with unforgettable memories!