Sightseeing and Relaxation in Ketrzyn

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 17, 2016

If you’re anything like me, I bet you’ll enjoy yourself visiting Ketrzyn! As a big fan of medieval architecture and especially castles, this beautiful town in Poland with a rich history boasts perfectly preserved historic buildings. Ketrzyn is full of beautiful medieval churches, castles, and marvelous old buildings. Even better, this town is becoming more popular among tourists, offering a vast range of beautiful hotels and restaurants. One of the best things about visiting Poland is sightseeing and relaxation in Ketrzyn.

Medieval Architecture

The incredible Teutonic castle in Ketrzyn was built in the 14th century as a fort to protect against frequent pagan Lithuanian attacks. Originally consisting of three wings surrounded by a tall wall with a closed gate, the castle’s great hall contained rooms for Teutonic officials, a reflector, a mill, a bakery, a granary, an armory, a chapel, and dungeons. Currently located next to the famous Church of St. George, it is a must-see when visiting Ketrzyn! All in all, the Teutonic castle in Ketrzyn is a historical sight enjoyed by anyone who visits. Moreover, the town houses a bunch of impressive ancient architectural creations, including statues, a beautiful old town district, and preserved medieval architecture, making it a worthwhile visit when touring Poland.

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Places to Visit near Ketrzyn

Located right near Ketrzyn are a couple of sites everyone should visit, including the former wartime headquarters used by Hitler, a historical sight that attracts tourists from all over the world. Ketrzyn is situated in a part of Poland with many big and beautiful lakes, surrounded by breathtaking nature offering numerous outdoor activities. The closest lakes to the city are around 12 km away and easily reached by car, bikes, or public transportation. Just taking a hike in the nearby forest can be a great activity for those who like to spend time outdoors.

Where Should You Stay?

It’s great to know that a cozy hotel is waiting for you while traveling, right? Ketrzyn is ideal for travelers since the town has many affordable yet comfortable and pleasant hotels to offer. Furthermore, some are built in historical buildings, making your stay feel like a sightseeing experience. Hotel Księżycowy Dworek is a great place to stay—it is located in a historical building dating back to 1913. With cozy, light rooms, excellent service, a tennis court, and a huge beautiful botanic park surrounding all areas, this hotel in Ketrzyn, like many others, offers an opportunity to enjoy the best of what the town has to offer: comfort, quality, and relaxation.