Reasons to fall in love with Poland

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 26, 2016

In case you haven‘t made up your mind up whether or not you should visit Poland, we are here to help you make your decision. Tours of Poland – something truly unique, so prepare for incredible adventures! There are many reasons to travel to Poland, even more reasons to fall in love with it. Here are a couple of our favourite things about Poland that will most likely make you buy airplane tickets to Poland today. Are you ready to get acquainted with reasons to fall in love with Poland?

Poland – a heaven for foodies

Now one of the greatest things about your visit to Poland is Polish cuisine, and that is a fact. Talking about it could take hours, but we‘ll make it short, yet memorable, just for you. The most beautiful thing about the Polish cuisine is that no matter if you‘re a picky or a very daring eater, this country has plenty of unique dishes for you to enjoy during your tour around Poland. If you like simple, yet delicious meals – enjoy dishes Zapiekanki and Naleśniki, Obwarzane or Krupnik (Polish barley soup).
Take advantage of what this country is very proud of – wild foods, like berries and mushrooms, that are hand picked by locals. Tours of Poland are about to inspire you for life, because the gastronomy here is just unbelievably compelling! And for more daring travellers – make sure that when you travel in Poland, you get a taste of it‘s “extreme” dishes Czernina (which is duck broth with vinegar), or Flaki (which is seasoned tripe cooked in bouillon with vegetables). Regardless of what your taste in food is, Poland will surely have to offer something special just for you during your Poland tour.

Urban life meets culture

Thanks to the very wealthy and colorful history of Poland, we now get to explore its magnificent cities and towns. There is a significant amount of Poland tours to choose from and see everything there is to see – from medieval old towns to cellar bars and night clubs, from Gothic churches to modern art museums, from castles to concert halls. Cities like Krakow or Warsaw are great to explore by foot, so when you tour around the architectural wonders, you can visit all the spots you want so won’t miss anything and get the most of your trip. Whether you travel to Krakow, Warsaw, Mragowo, you will be sure to get a good taste of both of the urban and historical worlds. Tours of Poland – best choice you can ever make! poland tours. visit poland. baltic tours

Becoming one with nature

When thinking about Poland, mountains are probably not the first thing you think about. But if you visit Poland and want to spend time biking in the woods, or perhaps walking in the mountains, Poland Tours has to offer a beautiful variety of places for you to travel to. Don’t miss a chance to hike and take in the beauty of Carpathian or Tatra Mountains, or go to Masuria – The Land of a Thousand Lakes, and wash away all of your worries while swimming around.

Amber coasts of the Baltic sea

Make sure to explore Poland and everything it has to offer. One of the things being – it’s beautiful Baltic Sea Amber Coast. When you visit Poland, go to Swinoujscie and not only experience island hopping, since the port – town spreads among a few islands, but a tour around the harbor, sunbathe on the beach and go looking for amber to add to your new collection. So if you want to travel somewhere that will allow you to not only see some cultural and historical places but to relax on the beach, a tour of Poland might just be a perfect fit for you!

poland tours. visit poland. baltic toursRegardless of what you choose to do, a tour around Poland will meet all of your traveller desires. There is a great variety of Poland tours that will blow you away with extraordinary experiences that will be sure to create some fantastic memories.