Porvoo is a fairytale town

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 09, 2016

Porvoo – the picture perfect, second oldest town in Finland, located 50km away from Helsinki, is famous for its free buses, green bikes, red warehouses and cobbled streets. No wonder this little town is insanely popular for one day tours! The idyllic town attracts over a million tourists every year from all over the world. With beautiful little houses, blooming nature, extraordinary museums and smiling people, truly – Porvoo is a fairy tale town!

The Old Town

Red riverside warehouses are the first thing you see when you arrive at Old Porvoo. The red paint was used to paint warehouses since the 18th century and became the town’s trademark. The red colour was chosen to make the entrance to the town more beautiful for the King Gustav III‘s arrival. The warehouses were used to store goods, but now some of them serve as restaurants and galleries, while others are in private use. After passing the warehouses, you‘ll see a maze of little streets and beautiful houses – the Old Town of Porvoo dates back to the Middle Ages. Even though the town was burnt down quite a few times, the stubborn locals rebuild everything on the same foundations. Right at the centre of the old town, on a hill, stands a beautiful Porvoo Cathedral. The historic building dates back to the 14th century and truly has a lot of stories hidden beneath its walls. There are plenty of walking tours all through the city; that will take you to the Old Porvoo to gaze at the beautiful little houses.

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Being a historical town, Porvoo has plenty of sightseeing to offer. The historical red warehouses were turned into restaurants, galleries and saunas. Porvoo homes quite a few unique museums and galleries, so if you‘re not in the mood for a walk in nature, make sure to visit one of them! First stop, of course, should be the medieval cathedral. One of the oldest cathedrals in Finland is a sight for sore eyes. Porvoo has something very special prepared for art lovers – The Taidehalli Art Hall. The hall is just overflowing with art. The permanent exhibitions show Finnish art dating from the 1950s and the monthly exhibitions show newest and stunning works of contemporary art. Free entrance! And there is a special treat for you – Albert Edelfelt Studio Museum. The famous artist built himself a studio in the are, and it is now turned into a museum. Don‘t miss a chance to see where a genius artist worked! There are plenty of churches, museums and galleries for you to visit, just pick! But if you do want just to wander around the wonderful Finnish nature, just take a walk in one of the many Porvoo parks. The Castle Hill is one of the most popular attractions in the town. It is the site of the oldest fortress in Finland. The fortress is surrounded by beautiful parks full of pine trees and magic. Porvoo has plenty of nature trails for you to walk in, so it‘s perfect if you‘re a nature child. And there‘s more! You can visit an organic farm in Porvoo! You can experience a real Finnish farm and explore the nearby forests and parks.

Things to do

Okay so Porvoo is amazing as it is already, but it also has a bunch of Finnish activities planned out for you, which makes the town perfect. It has so many hiking trails, parks, castles, museums and it has, even more, Finnish things for you to try out! First of all, when you visit Porvoo, you just have to try the Finnish sauna! There is nothing like it in the world and what‘s better than try it in a Finnish town? When it comes to authentic experiences, it‘s hard to top that. Also – you can go fishing! Just pay a small fee for a fishing license and pick one of the great fishing trips. Or you can go around town on a stand-up paddle board! It‘s a unique experience which allows you to see Porvoo from the river point of view. Of course, you can go skiing in the winter time! And play mini golf! And go horseback riding! I mean… There are so many activities in Porvoo it will be hard to choose! This beautiful fairytale town has everything needed for the perfect vacation.

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