New Year’s Resolution in the Baltic States

Posted by Silvija Butkutė  |  September 14, 2018

The time of the year when everyone is looking to the past, overthinking mistakes and lessons learned, thinking about the future and making promises such as I will definitely go on a diet and start doing sports this year is just around the corner. Baltic Tours invites all to start 2019 experiencing something new in the Baltic States.

Floating in the sounds of music

Everyone seeking to start new year with beautiful sounds of popular operas, charming waltzes and symphonic miniatures are welcome to Vilnius Philharmonic. Phantom of Opera, Cats, Notre Dame of Paris, Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge – these are only several examples of well known musicals from the evening’s list. Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra and 4 soloists are ready to guide you through the magical world of music!

music (1)

Diet starts next Monday

No one would doubt that one of the best ways to start New Year is simply to have a lovely dinner with closest friends or family. But what if on top of that we add a place with a million-dollar view to the sea and Tallinn skyline? Sounds appealing? Trust us, it is! Restaurant NOA is just a perfect place for high quality food lovers. Don’t believe in us? Believe in facts – restaurant was regarded as the best restaurant in Estonia in 2017. It should not be a surprise knowing the fact that people here have the strangest eating tradition – to eat seven, nine or even twelve times in New Year’s Eve because these are the lucky numbers. So no excuses today – you can eat two pieces of that chocolate cake with no regrets because diet starts next year!


Magic in the middle of the city center

With a clock striking twelve at night see the most fascinating fireworks in Riga’s city center. Dome square during winter time transforms into real fairytale town surrounded by christmas trees and socks, decorated with mistletoes, snowmans and deers. Buy freshly baked cake, taste hot wine, smell cinnamon sticks and most importantly, enjoy the view of colourful sky fulfilled with uncountable number of fireworks. Just don’t forget to take a warm sweater or a scarf with yourself!


New year – new experiences

Have you ever wondered how real royal ball looks like?  is giving a chance for everyone to have a sneak peak of what it takes to celebrate like a royal. This year’s eve program presents charming music of Imre Kalman. Surrounded by glamour and elegance everyone is welcome to come and dance to the big symphony orchestra, enjoy delightful meals, drink champagne and travel back in time. Dress up, do your make and be ready to dive into enchanting atmosphere of old times!