National parks of Estonia: must see&do

Posted by Simona Lukošaitytė  |  June 22, 2016

Are you ready to explore National Parks of Estonia?

There is no doubt that visiting at least one of Estonia’s national parks should belong to every visitors “must see” list. As you may have already known, Estonia is truly famous of its magnificent nature. Even if it is a small country, where are loads of parks and natural monuments to see and enjoy. Especially if you are tired of strolling around cities and you want to enjoy nature and wilderness calmly. Baltic Tours team has some great and tempting recommendations and suggestions for your future trip. So just grab your luggage and prepare to explore a beauty of one of the Baltic StatesEstonia!


Still thinking which park to choose?

It is hard to say which park is better and more worth to see… It’s a fact – all parks have spectacular places to visit. So if you have a chance, take a few more days off and visit as much as you possibly can. But if you want to visit most popular and more famous – these are the special advices for you.

Lahemaa National Park is known for its natural sights and cultural landscape. In order to make it easier for people to get around and get to know the national park, there are both hiking and study trails. Let’s continue! Would you like to see some wild animals? Silma nature reserve is a key nesting site for aquatic birds and an important resting place for migratory birds. Have you ever known that one of the best places to see bird destinations is in Estonia? Matsalu National Park covering over 400km² of land and coast, Matsalu is a first and foremost known as one of the best Europe’s bird watching destinations. Matsalu is a rural and laid back holiday destination, where you can find hiking trails for casual and serious hikers as well as several guesthouses great for relaxing in the nature. Visitors can explore and enjoy the compelling landscape of Matsalu National Park on foot, using a bicycle or a boat. Have never been in a cave before? So you have possibility to do it in Piusa Caves Nature Reserve. The purpose of these caves were mainly geological observations. Piusa caves have evolved into a popular site for hibernating bats. It is the largest known hibernation colony in Eastern Europe. It is possible to visit the caves with a guide and via the visitor centre. And this just a few National parks we promise everyone will find place for themselves.


Can’t decide whether to go or not?

We strongly recommend you to explore as much as you can. An incredible Estonia’s nature will give you unforgettable experience and the best memories.