How do Lithuanians entertain during the lockdown?

Posted by Gabija  |  May 06, 2020

The lockdown and mandatory social distance affected by the COVID-19 pandemic forced the whole world to stop. Never before has anyone thought that we will be obligated to sit at our homes and to limit all our activities. However, activities and entertainment are still needed. Italians sing and play on the balconies, someone in Florida created drawings on the sidewalks in the neighborhood. Curious what do Lithuanian residents do to entertain themselves? Take a glimpse at the most popular attractions during lockdown in Lithuania, because Lithuanian people are really helping each other to keep them entertained!

1. Movies under the open sky – Drive-in cinema

Following the rules of social distance (no gatherings of more than two people), upon arrival at the venues of Vilnius Litexpo Exhibition Center or Kaunas Zalgiris Arena, spectators gather for exciting film screenings.

''Žmonės Cinema" drive-in cinema in Kaunas

Photo: Teodoras Biliūnas / Žmonės

Purchase electronic ticket online, arrive at the place of Drive-in cinema, set the specified radio frequency via car radio or other devices – and you are ready for an amazing experience! Details about screenings, ticket prices.

2. AEROCINEMA – Cinema in Vilnius airport

For the first time in history, at Vilnius Airport, you have a chance to see movies, screened at festivals all around the globe, straight from your car. For four weeks, through the largest outdoor screen in the Baltics, you have the opportunity to travel to all corners of the world with the help of shown movies. More information here.

Aerocinema in Vilnius Airport

Photo: E. Blaževič / LRT


3. The biggest enemy of boredom – improvisation lessons

“Kitas Kampas” as the like to say, the only professional improvisation theatre in Lithuania regularly shares improvisation lessons. Audrius Bružas, a famous Lithuanian actor, not only gives some valuable tips about improvisation , but also shares his experience of how improvisations change people’s lives. No doubt about that – Creativity definitely helps to overcome boredom. Take a look here.


Audrius Bružas

Photo: Dainius Putinas

4. Trivia quiz – fun way to test your knowledge and gain it

Who doesn’t like mind puzzles, riddles? Lithuanians love them! During lockdown,Robertas Petrauskas come up with clever mind battles, during which the participants are asked various questions from unspecified topics You would get all sorts of textual, visual and musical questions to keep your mind busy. If you do not find courage to try your luck and participate, you are invited to create your own question and even win gifts. Grabbed your attention? Find out more here! 

Robertas Petrauskas

Photo: LRT


5. Visiting wonderful Lithuanian museums without leaving home

Like many museums around the world, Lithuanian museums open their virtual doors to anyone who wants to visit. During the lockdown you can have virtual tours around the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (find the virtual tour here), Rokiskis Regional Museum (find a virtual tour to Rokiskis Regional Museum here). Palanga Amber Museum (press here to start a virtual tour). This is a great solution if you were planning to visit Lithuania, but due to the current situation, it is not possible to do so – get acquainted with our museums online.

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Photo: Valdovų rūmai

This situation is a test for all of us, but we must not give up and engage ourselves in various activities. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, happy, and healthy.