Fun times in Sigulda

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 19, 2016

Around 50km away from the capital of LatviaRiga, stands a beautiful town of Sigulda. If you‘re driving to Sigulda from Riga, you will be able to enjoy an incredibly beautiful scenery! It is known, that Latvia, like other Baltic countries, is full of beautiful woods and meadows. You will be taken away by the beauty of Latvian nature. Lucky enough, Sigulda is located right next to a national park, so you will be able to enjoy both spending time in nature and sightseeing in the town. Fun times in Sigulda are not hard to have at all since this small town has sights and entertaining activities just waiting for visitors.

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Having fun in an adventure park

„Go Ape“ is an adventure park in Sigulda, that allows people to enjoy the fantastic scenery while having extreme fun. Climbing, zip trekking, riding Segways in the forest, a bunch of tree top adventures… The Go Ape park is fun for both kids and adults! Enjoying the great outdoors is always the best when you can feel the adrenaline rush of climbing tall trees! And of course, the scenery looks ten times better when you climb a tree to see it.

The Gutmanis Cave

Located in the Sigulda National Park, the Gutmanis Cave is the biggest and widest natural cave in all of the Baltic states. It formed due to the millennium-long interaction between the river of Gauja and underground springs. It is considered to be the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia! People have been bringing „Decorations“ such as little statues and flowers to the cave since the ancient times. The Gutmanis Cave is the most popular attraction in the whole Sigulda National Park.

Tours in Latvia - visit Sigulda - Baltic Tours

The Medieval Castle of Sigulda

The town has more to offer than just beautiful nature and adventures in the outdoors! Sigulda just seems like every house in the city is taken from a dream or a children’s cartoon! Colourful and cute. People enjoy the architecture in Sigulda, and they enjoy visiting the Medieval Castle of Sigulda even more! Only ruins are left of the historical Castle, but it still is a huge tourist attraction. The castle has a rich history – it dates back to the 15th century. The most famous residents of the castle were, of course, The Militia of Christ of Livonia was a military order composed of German “warrior monks.” The ruins are a must see place – takes you back in time and makes your imagination run wild.