Explore Palanga Amber Museum

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 05, 2016

Palanga seems to change every time the summer comes. From being a calm small town, where people come to relax and heal, to a booming spot where a non-stop party is always happening. Sometimes it seems unbelievable how a historical town can change overnight – so wild in the summer and so calm for the rest of the year. But still, there are places in this town, where during the summer tourists can relax and enjoy the silence. One of these locations, a crucial part of Palanga tourism, is the Palanga Amber Museum and the park surrounding it.

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The Establishment

The Palanga Amber Museum was opened in 1663 in the estate of Feliksas Tiškevičius. The museum is surrounded by stunning botanical gardens designed in 1897 by a fabulous landscape architect Eduard Francos Andre. The Museum homes historical exhibitions and huge amber stone collections.


The exhibition held in Palanga Amber Museum is stretched through fifteen rooms. Visitors in the museum have a chance to see over 45 hundred exhibits – amber stones of various sizes, traditional Lithuanian amber jewellery, spectacular pieces of amber with insects or pieces of plants stuck in them, and much more. Most of the exhibits are from Lithuania and the other Baltic States, but there are a significant amount of unique amber stones from all over the world. The Palanga Amber Museum offers visitors educational tours and information about the amber formation, global distribution and practical application. According to statistic data, over 8 million visitors have already visited the Museum.

Other Events

The Palanga Amber Museum hosts a lot of different events all over the year. One of those that The Museum is also quite famous for – the annual Serenade concerts. They are held every summer and have been happening for the past thirty years! It‘s not surprising that the Museum hosts different events in the summer season since the territory of the Museum is quite big and breathtaking – the park alone is a huge tourist attraction. Visitors of the Palanga Amber Museum all agree that the Botanical park surrounding the museum is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved parks in the Lithuanian coastal region. It is a very popular place for relaxing walks, boat rides in the small ponds, dates, pickings and just relaxing. Visiting The Palanga Amber Museum is like shooting two birds with one stone – you get to enjoy a spectacular exhibition and see one of the most beautiful parks in the country.

Visit Palanga. Tours in Palana. Baltic Tours.

Other attractions in Palanga

There is surely more of things to do in Palanga than just visiting one museum! As it was mention before, the town is a place of booming parties – there are plenty of bars, clubs and concerts to go to every day or night. The town has a beautiful white beach and a magnificent blue and red bridge going into the sea. There are plenty of historical monuments to see in the town, gorgeous parks and forests for walks in nature and of course – big sandy danes to wander around or just sunbathe in.

Visit Palanga. Tours in Palana. Baltic Tours.

Visiting Palanga is perfect for those, who want to a spend some time at the seaside, but don‘t mind a bit louder environment. There are plenty of things to do in Palanga, lots of spots to visit – just don‘t forget to pack your bathing suit and your sunscreen!