Enjoying the Sun in Nida

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 16, 2016

Surrounded by forests, meadows and of course the beautiful Baltic Seaside, a Lithuanian gem is hiding in the seaside. Nida is a magical place, where people forget to check their watches and never want to go home after having a vacation there. It doesn‘t matter whether you want to spend quiet vacations with your family, or looking for a great and loud time with your friends – Nida has a perfect holiday planned. When visiting Lithuania, there’s nothing better than basking in the sun in Nida! Everything from sand dunes and forests to gourmet restaurants and five-star hotels are hiding in the beautiful town of Nida.

Breathtaking Sight

Nida is an excellent example of how beautiful the Lithuanian nature is. Combining hazy pine forests full of wild animals and magnificent hiking trails with the marvellous Baltic seaside. The pine filled hiking trails and woods are only two kilometres away from the seaside. Walking around on the beach will prove that the Baltic shore is the prettiest in the world – nothing ever will compare. Don’t forget to visit the dunes; to the south sits the most impressive dune on the peninsula, the Parnidis Dune. From the top of it, you can see the untouched dunes just stretching into the Russian border.

Tours of Nida. Baltic Tours.

Where to Eat and Where to Sleep?

The lovely Nida is packed with gourmet restaurants, trendy cafes and bars, hotels, cottages and all kinds of beautiful places for you to enjoy. If you want to try traditional Lithuanian cuisine, make sure to grab a bite at „Ešerinė“. This lovely restaurant offers a broad range of Lithuanian national cuisine. What is more, just like many other places, „Ešerinė“ serves delicious seafood dishes – everything is cooked from the fish and other wonders fished out right from the Baltic sea. „Tik pas Joną“, „Laumė“, „Pastogė“ and many more places invites tourists in Nida to enjoy the beautiful national dishes. Alongside the many restaurants in Nida, there is a vast number of hotels to choose from. You can always stay at the fancy and luxurious „Videos Banga“ or just book one of the many hotels in town.

Tours of Nida. Baltic Tours.

Where to Go and What to Do?

If you don‘t feel like sunbathing and just relaxing on the beach, you can always go ahead and choose one of the many activities that Nida has to offer. Go around exploring the many galleries or museums! Because Nida was and still is a fishing town, there is a terribly interesting museum of the fishermen history. Of course, there is a gallery celebrating the beautiful amber stones of the Baltic Shore – you will be amazed by the beauty of these Lithuanian gems. Hiking is very popular in Nida since the sights are so beautiful! Just walking around in the pine forests will inspire your soul. Mini golf, biking, snorkelling, boat rides, fishing and a lot more can be done in this beautiful small town. What is great, there are always festivals and concerts being hosted in Nida! Despite it being small, the town has a lot of activities to offer its visitors.