Cost of travelling to Lithuania

Posted by Baltic Tours  |  June 25, 2019


Compared to most of the European countries, especially Scandinavia, Central and Western Europe, prices in Lithuania are quite democratic, however, not as low as in Poland or Ukraine. In such a case you might want to plan your budget along with the vacation beforehand to avoid an unpleasant experience of lack of money.

The cost of a trip to Lithuania will depend on seasons, your preferences and destinations of travel


If you prefer to take a tour around the biggest Lithuanian cities, having in mind that you will stay at least for one night in each of them, and will not have your daily meal in Mcdonald’s, the overall cost of travelling to Lithuania will be approximately few hundred euros.



To have more accurate example of an average cost of travelling to Lithuania, let’s take a 5 day trip which consists of 5 biggest Lithuanian cities, such as Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Panevezys. The overall price in the simpliest Airbnb apartment per night will be around 10-15 euro. If you prefer a more convenient accommodation, the price for apartments per night might go up to 40-50 euro, which may be less or more, depending on the location and the number of stars of the chosen property.


lithuanian dish

Food in Lithuania is not extremely expensive, but not super cheap either. It depends on which cuisine you prefer and the location of the restaurant. If you want to try real Lithuanian food, get deeper in an atmosphere of the Baltic region, you should better go to the restaurants in the Old Town. The average price for a dish is around 4-7 euro per portion, which is usually not so small. If you want to try local alcoholic beverages, their average price might be around 2-4 euro per glass.



One very useful tip for you – if you want to get some souvenirs from your travel to Lithuania, you don’t have to buy them on the main squares from the permanent sellers or in the specialized shops. Most of the souvenirs, such as magnets, gloves, glasses or small figures with Lithuanian symbols can be easily found in most of the local supermarkets.


If you get lucky and you come to Vilnius on the 1st of March or on the 14th of September, you will have a great opportunity to take part in two biggest street fairs. The entire Gediminas Avenue, the main street of Vilnius, turns into one big market. The seller in such a case is more likely to negotiate, so you can always bargain and get some great samples of old Lithuanian crafts for a better price.



Public transport for non-students, children or retired people is not very cheap – 1 euro per person for a one-way ticket. You can get from one spot to another by bus or by trolleybus. You can always use taxi, which is always cheaper if contacted beforehand than tried to be caught on a street. Taxi prices in Vilnius and Kaunas are quite similar, about 0.50 Eur /per km. However, you might not need any taxi as most of the landmarks are reachable on foot. You can also rent a car, which will cost you around 30 euro per day.


Total amount

Overall with food, souvenirs, accommodation and transportation cost, one person will spend around 300 euro during a 5 day trip around Lithuania. Depending on the season the cost of travelling to Lithuania might decrease or go up.