Cost of Traveling to Estonia

Posted by Maja Mandžikašvili  |  November 28, 2018

Cost of traveling to Estonia is rather affordable but does not eliminate the need of your vacation budget planning. While planning your tour to Estonia don’t forget to include the price of meals and leisure activities, accommodation, and transport. To answer your question “how much does it cost to travel to Estonia? “ more thoroughly, we have made research and collected the most recent data on the current prices of meal, accommodation and the tourist attractions in Estonia.

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First of all, let’s talk about the transport in Tallinn. The public transport is well developed here, so you can perfectly get along without a car. Fare in Tallinn costs € 2, which also could be included in the public transport. In other cities – € 1,5-1,8. If you are the student or scholar, the fare will be 2 times cheaper. To buy a monthly pass in the Estonian capital, set aside € 23. In other cities – € 17-20. And it is better not to risk riding “hare”, otherwise, you will have to pay a fine of € 40. There are categories of citizens for whom travel in the public transport of the Estonian capital is free. This includes children under the age of 7; adults accompanying children under 3 years of age; residents of Tallinn; Tallinn Card holders.
Tip: if you stay in Tallinn longer than for a day, buy a Tallin Card – it is a travel card for transport and museums which provides free admission to most places of interest and a public transport pass, what respectively makes the cost to travel to Estonia a little bit smaller.
If you want to take a taxi, it is not that cheap, the average cost of landing is € 2.5, and each kilometer of the way is € 0.5. For an hour of waiting you have to pay € 10.


The cost of traveling to Estonia will extremely dependent on your accommodation preferences.
In Estonia, you can find hotels for every taste: from unpretentious hostels to luxurious “fives”. Most of the hotels, of course, are in the capital: bed-and-breakfast guesthouses, modest but well-maintained hotels 1-2 * and representative offices of international chains are open. There are campgrounds outside the city, but it is better to get acquainted with the life of the Estonian province on tourist farms – in cozy village houses built among picturesque landscapes. The resorts at the level of Pärnu and Haapsalu offer a wide range of spa hotels and resorts that offer not only accommodation but also effective wellness programs. Prices in Tallinn hotels start from 20 EUR per day at the hostel and reach 800 EUR per suite in 5 * hotels. A night in a standard three-night apartment in Tartu will cost from 50 EUR, in Narva – from 40 EUR, in Pärnu – from 30 EUR per day. You can improve your health in spa hotels in Haapsalu for 75-85 EUR per day.


Tallinn offers various entertainments for its visitors every year. For example, an archery in the old town, that will cost for you 10 EUR for 20 arrows. The indoor pool will cost you 9 EUR for 2 hours and 12 EUR for the whole day. That entertainment is good, however, it’s not the one, that you can not live without, if you decide to choose something more authentic and never to be forgotten, like visit local museums or take the tour in Lahemaa National Park, so you might want to reduce the cost of traveling to Estonia by yourself.


Entrances to various museums in Estonia cost 3-6 EUR, sometimes more. For example:
Museum-airport “Lennusadam”, adult cost 16 EUR, for children 8 EUR.
Estonian open-air museum, adult cost 8 EUR, for children 5 EUR.
Kumu Art Museum, adult cost 8 EUR, schooler, student 6 EUR.
Tallinn TV Tower cost 10 EUR. on the site cost 13 EUR, preferential cost 6 EUR
Cognitive Museum of Technology and Electricity Energy Discovery Center cost 9. EUR preferential cost 7 EUR

Tours in Tallinn

Such tours might be very useful and informative if you don’t’ have much time, but have enough money and come to Estonia for the first time. Let’s take tours in Tallinn as an example:
A ticket at Hop on Hop off sighsteeing bus will cost you 19 EUR for 24 hours
Tours in the old town with a guide and a visit to the tunnels 10 EUR plus payment for the tunnel Tour to Lahemaa National Park 49 EUR per person.

Tip: In case of emergency, keep in mind that city toilets are paid and cost about 0.20 EUR.
To get to the doctor, get ready to pay € 23 per visit. But attention and time will be given to you enough – the session lasts an average of 30 minutes. The cost of a cough at the pharmacy – about € 6-7.

Credit cards accepted almost everywhere.



Prices for souvenirs in Tallinn are not that low, slip-on socks, for example, will cost you about 10 EUR, hat and scarf -18 EUR, knitted hat -10 – 15 EUR. Magnets are cheap, as everywhere, about 1 EUR

Meal and restaurants

After hours of walking around Old Town, you definitely will want to take a break and kill your hunger somewhere in a cozy dinner. One of the most popular self-service restaurants – Lido is widespread in Baltics, especially Estonia and Latvia. Here a list of sample prices there:
Sample prices at the Lido self-service network restaurant
Trout steak 5.2 EUR
Chicken schnitzel 3.6 EUR
Sausage 1.2 EUR
Cutlet 1.55 EUR
Stuffed pancake 1.2 – 1.5 EUR
Drinks 1.25 – 2.25 EUR

The cost of food in an inexpensive cafe is :
Soup 1.85 EUR
Salads from 0.90 EUR
Salmon baked in potatoes 7.95 EUR
Meat with sauce 6.30 EUR
Chicken in own juice 3.90 EUR


If by chance you like fast food and a big admirer of McDonalds, food there will cost you:
Hamburger 1 – 1.2 EUR
Big Mac 3.15 EUR
Ice cream in a cup 1 EUR
Keep in mind, that Estonian McDonald’s charges extra for ketchup and other spices.

Street food in Tallinn will cost you around :
About 2.25 EUR for a hot dog
5 .25. EUR for hamburger and potatoes, a drink will cost about 08 EUR, 4 EUR for a bag of spicy nutlets. A bottle of water in the old town will cost you 1.1 EUR, coffee from 1.30

If you want to try Estonian cuisine, the average price for dish in the local Estonian restaurants will cost you about 12 EUR for mashed pea soup, assorted herring will price is usually 16 EUR, smoked pork knuckle cost 24 EUR, roast pork -20 EUR, Estonian sausages -17 EUR, grilled fish with mashed potatoes – 15 EUR, lamb chops in cowberry marinade -17 EUR, apple pie -9 EUR, creme brulee -9 EUR

In that case, if you come to Estonia for a weekend, stay in a simple hostel, use public transport and eat in local diners, the overall cost of a trip to Estonia for you in 2018 will be around 350 euros, including the cost of tours in Town and souvenirs. Holidays at seaside resorts – will cost you around 600 euros per week.