Christmas market in Lithuania

Posted by Eglė  |  November 15, 2021

The Christmas market is a relatively new tradition in Lithuania. A few decades ago, Lithuania had no Christmas markets like in Western European cities. Today, the Christmas market is a special tradition that every year attracts many residents and foreign guests to the country during the Christmas holidays. If you are looking for a beautiful Christmas holiday destination – Lithuania in December is a special and interesting place filled with events. We offer to get acquainted with Christmas fairs and traditions in Lithuania. After all, Christmas fairs are a great way to get to know the country and cities. As well, it is a place to immerse yourself in a unique festive bustle with mesmerizing Christmas decorations, unique handmade crafts, and trendsetters’ Christmas trees.

Interested? Below are the most popular Christmas fairs, Christmas trees, and attractions in major cities of Lithuania during the Christmas holidays.

Vilnius Christmas market

Why to travel? Vilnius Christmas market or rather a Christmas town is considered as one of the most beautiful Christmas markets around the globe. Even though you cannot compare it to Germany or Austria markets, as it is smaller and cosier. Here you will find the true Christmas spirit filled with many wooden stalls in Cathedral square, the centre of Vilnius next to the Christmas tree. Every year here you will be proposed with sweet Christmas delicacies that warms up cold Lithuanian winter evenings (artisan bread, hot wine, kvas, curd donuts, honey cake,) and local handmade crafts. As well, you will be able to enjoy local musician music and firework show.

When to travel? Vilnius Christmas market usually opens from last Saturday of November and the first Saturday of January. This Christmas season is expected to be open from 27 November until 9 January.

What to do? With the main street of old town and city centre, the Vilnius Christmas market is located in the main squares: Cathedral, town hall, Kudirka, and Lukiskes, which are nicely decorated with lights and various Christmas decorations. It has an ice skating rink, a Christmas train, a light show, a huge Christmas tree, and of course a Christmas market. You will also be seeing Jesus crib and meeting Santa Klaus and eating local food. If you are interested in medieval Vilnius architecture and its wonders, a Christmas-themed train will run you through old town and city centre streets. This little train must-do if you are traveling with family! Don’t forget it will be available for 5 weeks only!

Kaunas Christmas market

Why to travel? Kaunas temporary capital of Lithuania holds many surprises between its city walls. If you are looking for a new artistic experience, Kaunas is definitely for you! Especially during the Christmas season! It has postmodern architecture, unique museums, fascinating street art, quirky and stunning Christmas decorations, and an innovative Christmas tree specially designed by the designer.

When to travel? Kaunas market in town hall square opens its doors for locals and travelers from the first weekend of December until the first weekend of January. Usually, after the Christmas tree lights up.

What to do? Kaunas offers entertaining and festive activities for all ages visitors. On weekends and weekdays, you will be invited to enjoy a festive Christmas fair in the heart of the city – town hall square. As well, taste various local delicacies, make handicrafts, meet musicians or artists, and find indefinitely warm and lovely gifts for loved ones. These include original amber jewellery, exclusive handmade wool, leather, and fur products, wax candles, embroidered clothing, and ceramic or glass creations. If you are lucky enough you can meet Santa Claus or skate on an ice arena under a blue sky surrounded by white snow.

Christmas trees

Speaking of Christmas trees! Every Lithuanian city is worth your attention during the Christmas season. Lithuania’s cities like Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys, Utena every year surprise locals and the world with their amazing and unique Christmas tree decorations. The iconic installations vary in every city and town of the country.

There is usually a tall and beautifully with twinkly lights decorated Christmas tree in front of cathedral or town hall. The most known is the Vilnius Christmas tree that dictates fashion trends around the world. For the past two years the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius was selected for the best Christmas tree design in Europe. In the annual list of “European best destination,” the tree is praised for combining old and modern styles.

While, the second-largest city – Kaunas Christmas tree was nominated by locals as the second most beautiful tree in the country last year. The white handmade decorations of the Christmas tree and surrounding area depict winter views and are reminiscent of a cloud, a cotton ball, or a heart. That creates Christmas spirit.

Flights to Lithuania

If you can bear harsh and cold winter weather, visit Lithuania Christmas markets. Many European countries offer low cost direct flights. Of course, ticket prices depend on the airline, departure date and time. Booking online with travel agency is the easiest, least problematic and fastest way to book your festive holidays.

Flights to Lithuania are mostly operated to Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports.

Get ready for a charming journey, because Baltictours invites you to experience the Christmas fair spirit in Lithuania. Check out our tours for more! Book your Christmas holidays now!