Chasing the sea in Kolka

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 08, 2016

Kolka is a beautiful village located in the north of Latvia, on a cape of the same name. Kolka is a three-hour drive away from Riga and is worth seeing. White sand beaches, pine trees, fishing boats, lighthouses and a calm, quiet way of living – these are the things you will find when you visit the village of Kolka. And of course, the best thing about visiting Kolka is the Baltic Sea. Personally, I could spend hours talking about the Baltic Sea!So here are some reasons to go chasing the sea in Kolka.

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A town stuck in the past

The are was a high-security military base during the Soviet times and thus closed to the civilians. When you visit the area and Kolka itself, it seems that you‘re stuck in a time capsule – the region’s development was stopped due to the military activity in the area. In 1992 an organisation under the name „Livonians Shore“ was developed in Kolka. It‘s mission – to save and preserve unique towns in the area. The association is still active today. Everyone who wants can take part in special tours. So if you decide to visit Kolka, you have a chance to experience a very special tour and see how the Baltic States looked becore it developed!

The dangerous but beautiful Cape

The Kolka Cape is truly a sight for sore eyes and apparently – a dangerous spot for ships. There is a reason, why the lighthouse of Kolka is located in a man-made mini island, a bit further away from the shore. This was made to inform sailors about the dangerous bottom of the sea. What is more, in the spring time, when the migration of birds begin, the Cape of Kolka attracts a vast amount of ornithologist and people who just like to watch birds flying through!

Reasons to visit Kolka today

Kolka is not like anything you could visit on any tours. It is forbidden to built big hotels or fancy restaurants in the village. Everything that could ruin the old rustic setting and unique traditions – is off limits in Kolka. But there are small and cosy hotels for you to stay in, charming traditional restaurants, beautiful churches, lighthouses and wonderful rustic architecture for you to see. Perhaps, Kolka isn‘t a place that most people would want to spend more than a few days in, but it is definitely worth a visit – the calm and cosy setting will teach you how to appreciate the small things in life. You‘ll go home refreshed and rested.

Visit Kolka. Tours in Kolka. Baltic Tours.

Like I said before – I could talk about the shores of Baltic Sea forever. My favourite towns to visit will always be the towns near the beautiful and harsh Baltic sea, no matter how much I travel! Kolka has a special place in my heart – it is a perfect place for a good rest. Just visit Kolka yourself and you‘ll be surprised by how special this little village is.