Cesis and two castles

Posted by Agnė Januškevičiūtė  |  August 16, 2016

A charming town in the middle of Latvia is definitely a place you must to visit during your trip to Latvia. History of this place starts in the 13th century and after couple hundred years it became an internationally important city as a member of Hanseatic League. In Russia Empire it was well known as a resort town with new roads, railways and developed city infrastructure. Today Cesis is economically strong and tourist welcoming city with beautiful green parks, rocky river cliffs, medieval castles and modern city center – all this and more is waiting to be explored!

Cesis Castle

A stone Cesis Castle for defensive purposes was started to build in the 13th century and it took two centuries. Cesis Castle is one of the best preserved castles in Latvia. All year round tourists are welcome in this medieval castle. Traditional tournaments of knights and open-air theatrical performances organized by Cesis History and Art museums will take you back in time to the middle ages. What is more, beer festivals are held in Cesis Castle from time to time so do not miss a chance to try traditional Latvian beer!

Tours of Cesis

The New Cesis Castle

One castle was not enough so in the 18th century the New Cesis Castle was built. The building is one of the first examples of eclecticism in Latvia with a neogothig tower with curved arcades and windows. At first, castle was a residence of graph but nowadays it is Museum of History and Art. Exhibitions not only give you a chance to know better history of Latvia but also enjoy temporary exhibitions. The tower of the castle has the best view of the Cesis Castle and the old town.

Saint John’s Church

Saint John’s Church is the oldest church in all country built in the 13th century by Livonian Order and it always been the pride of Cesis city. The basilica of the church is 65 meters length and 32 meters wide with massive 65-meter high bell tower from which you can enjoy the beautiful view of the old town. Today building is not only a church of Lutheran congregation but also a great place for concerts and festivals of choirs and organist. No need to mention a beautiful square of roses in front of the church!

Old Town

Cesis is a medieval town and it has a beautiful city center from those times remained till nowadays. Surrounded by stone walls and with two main streets crossing town Cesis looks like a charming medieval town. The old town is full of wooden buildings from 18th century. Take a walk in beautiful streets not only in daytime but also late in the evening and feel the romance of Cesis!