Bohemian places to visit in Kaunas

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 29, 2016

Located in the heart of Lithuania, surrounded by two biggest rivers and green spaces, holding a unique inter-war architecture – stands Kaunas with all of its glory. There are many things to do in Kaunas, but let‘s talk about the most bohemian places to visit in Kaunas. The list includes cafes, restaurants, more interesting parks with a charming atmosphere and some cultural spots for you to visit on your Kaunas city tour.
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The Vytautas Park

Probably a unique park in Lithuania, Vytautas Park holds a broad range of old school roller coasters. During the Soviet Occupation, the Vytautas Park was an amusement park and is open till this day. When you visit Kaunas, this charming park is a must see place. Take advantage of the cheap old school courses like The Orbit, or take a bit more low key fun ride on a merry-go-round with your kids. The park offers you a chance to rent a small car to drive around the territory. And of course, what amusement park doesn‘t have bumper cars, right? The historic layout and a warm atmosphere always were a big attraction for artists and creative minds, especially now, when the park is not as popular. Take a quiet stroll amongst historical carousels and take in the inspiring atmosphere.
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Old town restaurant „Skliautas“

In the heart of Kaunas old town, right next to the White Swan city hall, stands one of the oldest restaurants in Kaunas. With beautiful calm music playing, build in one of the oldest buildings in Kaunas, „Skliautas“ offers you tasty food, a wide selection of wine and a melancholic setting. The restaurant was always popular amongst painters, writers, poets, architects and actors. „Skliautas“ provides it‘s customers with a culture filled events like poetry readings, concerts and performances. Even when no events are hosted, „Skliautas“ is full of people no matter what day or time it is.

Cafe-bar-gallery „Kultūra“

Located next to a gallery stands a small but cosy cafe „Kultūra“ (which means „culture“). Now most popular amongst young people, the cafe hosts live concerts, exhibitions, screenings and performances. Most popular in the summer, „Kultūra“ is nothing like any cliche – serves gourmet food, sells a bunch of different beers and wines, you can never know what music will be playing or what people you will meet there. But it has a unique setting and makes you feel like you travelled in time, but kept everything that‘s best from the future.

The Kaunas State Drama Theatre

The theatre life in Lithuania was started by The Kaunas State Drama Theatre with a goal to birth a cultured theatre community in Lithuania. And frankly, which worked like a charm. Opened in 1920, the theatre is still working and producing plays till this day. There are six creative spaces in The Kaunas State Drama Theatre, which hosts events and screens plays.One of the best things to do in Kaunas is seeing a play in The Kaunas State Drama Theatre, so be sure to make time for it when you visit the city. The art life in Kaunas would be nothing without the amazing work done by the theatre community.
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