Best Time to Visit Poland

Posted by Kornelija Kadyte  |  April 15, 2019

If you decided to travel to Poland and started to plan your trip, there must be a very understandable question in your head: when is the best time to visit Poland?

Poland is a religiously strong country and Catholics make the most significant group in the country. Poles celebrate a lot of holy days and have strong traditions related to it. It is a good time to visit Poland on one of the Catholic holidays: Christmas, Easter, Corpus Christi (60 days after Christmas, usually in the end of May or June), Whit Sunday/Pentecost (seven weeks after Easter, usually mid-May).
The warmest months are July, August, and September so it’s a good time to go, whereas Poland has access to the sea.
Months of October and November are quite chilly in Poland because of the low temperature, humidity, and wind. Tourism is very slow as well, so it might be the cheapest time to visit Poland. Although the country is budget friendly in general with a lot of free outdoor activities and events, affordable hotels and restaurants.
Winter holidays is one of the best time of year to visit Poland as well. Cities are full of markets, fairs, and special events, while the weather puts the right spirit for this kind of holiday.
Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe and it is hard to say when is a good time to visit Poland in general, so let’s talk more about different cities.

When is the best time to visit Warsaw in Poland?

Warsaw – a very vibrant city in central Poland and the capital of the country. The temperature here ranges between 20 and 25°C during the summer months and from O to -5°C in winter. Warsaw is full of history, great museums, restaurants, cultural events, music parties, and its old town is in the UNESCO world heritage list. There is a very wide range of indoor activities, so it is a good idea to visit Warsaw during mild months of the year in Autumn and Spring. Another good time to visit Warsaw is in December. Its Christmas market is usually on the “Best in Europe” lists, the city is full of sparkling decorations and everything is wrapped in interesting traditions, not to mention that it’s usually snowing as well! Real Christmas spirit is guaranteed!


When is the best time to visit Gdańsk in Poland?

Gdańsk is the city in the North of Poland on the Baltic sea coast. People here can enjoy sandy beaches with the occurrence of amber on the shores, take sea cruises or try water sports. There are some exclusive events in or very near the city which would make a trip to Gdańsk unique:
Open`er music festival – largest and most diverse festival in Poland, which gathers together the most important international artists and music fans from all over Europe. The festival is organized annually in July.
St. Dominic’s fair – centuries-old trade fair and largest open-air cultural festival in Poland. The beginning of the festival reaches the year 1270 and makes this medieval event one of the oldest in the world. Fair is organized every year at the end of July and lasts till mid-August.
Beaches, water activities and some of the most amazing festivals in Poland makes Gdańsk the summer destination.


When is the best time to visit Kraków in Poland?

Kraków – second city and the old capital of Poland. It is located in the South of the country and is truly one of the most beautiful cities` in Europe! To fully experience Kraków, there will be a lot of walking, so it is a good idea to avoid hottest, wettest or coldest times. These recommendations lead us to the late spring as the best time to visit Kraków. Also, it happens to be the date for a marvelous Cracovian tradition – Lajkonik Parade.


When is the best time to visit other cities in Poland?

Zakopane – situated in the very south of Poland, surrounded by the outstanding Tatra mountains and is commonly called the winter capital of Poland. Best, largest and highest skiing resorts, like Szczyrk Mountain Resort or Kasprowy Wierch, are located around this city. Because of this, the best time to visit Zakopane is on snowy days, which would make it late autumn, winter, and early spring.


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Wroclaw – one of the warmest cities in Poland. The city enjoys a lot of sunny days, most of them in September. The city has 12 island and 112 bridges, there are ships and gondolas cruising around, it has beautiful gardens and parks and could be called cycling paradise because of over 214 km of cycling routes! Nice weather and outdoor activities make the best time to visit Wroclaw around September.


Poznan – the city in central-western Poland. Poznan is located in the greenest area of Poland, there’s a lot of parks, lake Malta. There are two natural reserves within the city borders: Morasko Meteorite, with seven meteor craters and Żurawiniec, where rare plant species are being protected. Every year, in the middle of August, Poznan holds a huge food celebration – Good Taste Festival or Poznan Food Days. Also, August is not so rainy as other months of summer, therefore the best time to visit Poznan is in August.


Sopot – a fashionable city in Northern Poland on the coast of Baltic sea. Sopot is famous for its seaside, spa resorts, and nightlife. At the end of August, all city is focused on one of the biggest song contests in Europe – Sopot International Song Festival, which is held in the beautiful open-air arena “Forest Opera”. The best time to visit Sopot is during the festival because it’s a perfect combination of unique experience and nice weather to enjoy the beach.


All of the months mentioned before could be called as the best time to visit Poland, because of the unique experiences, fun entertainment, right conditions for breathtaking landscapes and cultural events. Just be aware that this means that there’s going to be a lot of tourists both polish and foreign. So all of that best could turn out as the worst time to visit Poland for people who enjoy tranquility and quietness.

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