Best time to visit Lithuania

Posted by Baltic Tours  |  June 25, 2019

It will not be hard to figure out, when it is the best time of the year to visit Lithuania

sea-baltic country

Depending on your touristic preferences, the best time to go to this beautiful Baltic region might be a snowy winter with occasional harsh frost, or the summer when the temperature might overcome your most bizarre expectations and a swim in the Baltic Sea would be the only escape.

The best time to visit Lithuania for you will depend on whether you are afraid of the cold or not


Lithuania is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea which makes its climate conditions very mild and not very harsh. In general, the climate of Lithuania is practically no different from the climate of other European countries. However, sometimes there is certain climatic instability. Sunny weather can be replaced by a prolonged cold rain in a few minutes. Quite often, squally gusty air masses pass through the country. However, nowadays, the summer temperature sometimes reach +30 C and warm weather stays until the middle of October. As for the winter, you might not see very much snow.

The best time to visit Lithuania and its biggest cities might be in the early summer and in the middle of winter


If you want to enjoy the warmth of the Baltic sea, to travel to the amazing Klaipeda seaport, the one which never sleeps, walk along Curonian spit, take part in the beach Amber hunting, the best time to travel to Lithuania is between May and late August.


The Hill of Crosses, one of the most famous landmarks of Lithuania, situated nearby to Siauliai, has the best views and is easily reachable in the middle of the summer or at the beginning of autumn.


If you decide to go to Panevezys, summer and mid-autumn would be the best seasons to do that. This city is remarkably beautiful in August-September, especially if you’re interested in visiting Bistrampolis Manor. If you come to Panevezys in June, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Summer festival, which takes its roots from the ancient pagan history. In Scandinavia it is well-known as the Mid Summer, here it is called “Jonines”.

lithuania-old town

Vilnius and Kaunas – two biggest cities of Lithuania. And if you ask yourself a question “what is the best time of the year to visit?”, the answer would be: ”pretty much every season is suitable for tourism”. However, Kaunas and Vilnius with their amazing number of parks, the Ally of Freedom and Gedimino avenue are most attractive in the beginning of September and in late December on the Christmas Eve, when all main streets of both cities are covered with snow and sparkling decorations, street markets and Christmas tree on the main square, creating an amazing atmosphere of celebration and letting you feel the real spirit of Christmas.


When is the best time to visit Lithuania is pretty up to your preference, however, our simple tips might be very helpful to elevate the joy of exploring this small but extremely cozy country.