Best time to visit Latvia

Posted by Baltic Tours  |  June 25, 2019

The best time to visit Latvia is definitely in the summer


On one hand, accommodation prices and tourist flow are rising, on the other hand, many activities are being carried out. In summer Latvia and Riga, in particular, can offer open-air movies and concerts, fairs and festivals and perfect sunny days.


Summer is the best time of the year to visit Riga, the weather is not too hot, although it is possible to burn your skin under the Baltic sun. It rains, especially in June, and in August there are droughts. However, an average weather temperature in summer stays around + 22 ° C, rarely going up to + 28 ° C and higher.

baltic sea latvia

Don’t forget to take a tour of Jurmala. This city is a little warmer than Riga, the water here warms up to +22 ° C, but the average temperature is +18 ° C. So you can swim here, starting in mid-June. Although lovers of cool water begin doing that much earlier. All the wonders of the Latvian medieval towns are open at this time for guests.

The low season falls in late autumn and early spring in Latvia


At this time it is damp and dank here, the temperature rarely drops below 0 ° C, -3 ° C. But it does not go up above + 5 ° C either. But if you cannot decide when the best time to visit Latvia is, want to save some money and avoid huge tourist crowds, you can choose such options. All in all, this country is good at any time of the year, and the hosts welcome guests warmly.


Latvia cannot boast of an abundance of the sun – only 30 to 40 sunny days per year are collected. This is one more reason why summer is the best time to visit Latvia and take a trip around Riga. The weather in spring and late autumn is inconsistent and warm and clear sky is easily replaced by rain and wind.


Winter in Latvia changes from season to season

And between them, there is one small peak in tourism on Christmas and New Year. If you want to feel real Christmas spirit, enjoy amazing decorations and visit Christmas markets, then the best time to visit Latvia, especially Riga, is definitely winter. The weather will please those who love wet, mild winters with a lot of fluffy snow. And will not please those who are afraid of possible slush. There are few ski resorts in this Baltic country. In winter it makes little sense to engage in excursion programs, but it is quite welcome to take a trip to Riga, Jurmala or Cēsis for the New Year celebration.


The beginning of autumn is still attractive for tourists

The velvet blue nights of Jurmala beckon with the beginning coolness from the end of August. September is still sunny and it rarely rains. The weather in Latvia in the autumn begins to be less pleasant starting from October. Of course, the Baltic Sea may surprise you at any time of the year, and the cool breeze in Liepaja can quickly turn into a vicious autumn wind.


And yet, many come to the country at this particular time, even in the late November season. You can still visit any of the old castles. They are especially good in October when the deciduous forests of the country burn with autumn colors of fire. Sigulda, Cesis and other sightseeing cities are welcome to be visited.

If you still question yourself “when to go to Latvia” and “when is the best time to visit Riga”


If you like snowy but windy winter with Christmas markets, the best season for you is winter. If you want to enjoy a swim in the Baltic Sea and not to get cold, take a tour to Jurmala, then the best season for you is summer. If you want to avoid tourist crowds and enjoy autumn, you should visit Latvia in October-November.