Best cities to visit in Lithuania

Posted by Elena Praneviciute  |  July 19, 2019

   This wonderful country in the North of Europe is small and you may not notice it at first, but you should definitely try and get to know it. Lithuania is small but it can leave big wonderful memories. Lithuanian cities have a lot of charm that will make you never want to leave. Baltic Tours invites you to look at the best cities to visit in Lithuania.


The Capital City

Like in many countries, the capital is the most attractive city out of all the other ones and Vilnius is no exception. This beautiful city is home to many monuments that are symbols for this gorgeous city as well as symbols for Lithuania. Probably the most well-known place in Vilnius is Cathedral Square. This place attracts hundreds of tourists every day and is in the city center, so it is easily found. Another symbol of Vilnius is the Old Town that is even in the UNESCO heritage list, so you can imagine that it should be pretty unique. Some people say that the Old Town of Vilnius and its narrow streets remind them of Rome. The Old Town is probably one of the main places where Lithuanian people go to have a good time and meet some friends because it is full with small cafes and restaurants which during the summertime take out their tables outside for people to sit and enjoy the warm summer weather. There is also another place filled with many activities and that is Gediminas Avenue. It is filled with shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and anything else that you can think of. Vilnius also has a lot of different museums – from art museums to history museums, this city has it all. There is certainly no shortage of places to visit and things to do and that’s why this is one of the best cities to visit in Lithuania.


The Old Historical Temporary Capital

The second city on this list is Kaunas. This city is considered as the temporary capital because it was the capital of Lithuania when Vilnius was occupied. This second biggest city in Lithuania is in the middle of the country and there is even a song in Lithuania that has the lyrics saying “If Vilnius doesn’t mind, Kaunas is the heart of Lithuania”. Kaunas is full of culture and places to visit just like Vilnius. The Old Town of Kaunas is also pretty well known for having beautiful architecture and being the center where people like to spend their evenings. Kaunas is also known to have one of the longest streets in Europe that is only for pedestrians and that is Laisvės alėja (Laisvės alley). It‘s a beautiful 1,6 km long street that is filled with lime-trees and many shops and cafes. At one end of the street, you can see a huge white church „Soboras“ that has become a symbol of the city and the other side of this street is where the Old Town starts. In the year 2020 Kaunas is going to be the European capital of culture and that is for a reason – this city is filled with museums, galleries, and other interesting and artistic places. This city also has its castle on a hill on which concerts and other activities take place every summer. So there are a lot of interesting things to see in this city in the middle of Lithuania.


The Wonderful Port City of Lithuania

Lithuania is near the Baltic Sea and that means it has a port city which is called Klaipeda. This city is considered the third-largest city in Lithuania. Klaipeda, like any other bigger city in Lithuania, has an Old Town which is different from other cities old towns because it has German-style buildings. This is because there were a lot of Germans living in this city when Klaipeda was occupied by this nation in 1939, so it is quite different with its architecture from other towns. Klaipeda is home to The Lithuanian Sea Museum that has a huge aquarium and also a dolphinarium which organizes shows with dolphins where they perform with music. This city is famous for its annual celebration called The Sea Festival and is attended by thousands of people every year. During the festival a lot of events, like the ship parade, concerts of famous Lithuanian singers and many other interesting things. Klaipeda is a very interesting and beautiful city, not just because it has an interesting old town but also because it has beautiful sunsets that are truly breathtaking.


The Lithuanian Summertime Capital

Just like any country with access to the sea, Lithuania has a resort city. Palanga is also called the summertime capital because it is the most popular place in Lithuania where people go to spend a relaxing holiday on the beach. Palanga has the main Basanavičiaus street which is filled with restaurants and lots of activities for children. The summer capital is home to The Tiškevič Palace which is truly a gorgeous neo-renaissance palace that is surrounded by a big park with fountains, a pond with swans and beautiful rare plants. Palanga, just like any other city, has its museums. This city is on the shore of the Baltic Sea, so it‘s natural that it has a lot of ambers. In this city, there is The Amber Museum that has a lot of beautiful and extraordinary works of art made from amber. It is truly the best city in Lithuania for adults and children to spend and enjoy their holidays.

Lithuania has a lot of interesting cities with their own charm, as you can see. By visiting these best cities you definitely won‘t be disappointed with your trip and probably will tell stories to your friends about the little country in the North of Europe.