Baltic Tours introduces Alberto Casillas Garcia!

Posted by Karolina Tuminauskaitė  |  July 14, 2017

Who is he?

He’s a triathlon racer who is willing to represent Lithuania at Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020!

Alberto started doing sports when he was little boy. Since his early childhood active leisure time was in his blood, thanks to his loving parents. Family always had an active lifestyle so he had a chance to try different kind of activities like skiing, mountain biking and many more.


How did his career started?

His career started when Alberto was a teenager. His results were extremely good, boy was getting stronger really fast so he quickly reached national level. It didn’t took long for Alberto and his sister Miriam Casillas, who is now a representative of triathlon in Rio de Janeiro, to start training with a local team in Badajoz.

Later, when Alberto started studying at university, training became more like a hobby. But that was until he got an opportunity to come back. He became friends with Lietuvos Triatlono Federacija and got a chance to compete for Lithuania, as he says, great and amazing country which colors he is proud of to show for all the world, and he is doing that successfully since 2015.

Representing Lithuania

Since then, he was competing internationally. Alberto became stronger and his results got even higher. Now his goal and dream is to participate in Olympic Games 2020 that will be held in Tokyo and represent Lithuania’s national team.


It‘s going to be long and exciting trip with the help of Baltic Tours!

Stay tuned to get all the updates about results and adventures of Alberto Casillas Garcia trip!