Baltic Tours in World Rowing Junior Championship 2017

Posted by Baltic Tours  |  August 23, 2017

A little bit more coffee and a little bit less of sleep than usual – that‘s how the last month for Baltic Tours team looked like. Although the championship lasted for only 5 days, our team settled in Trakai much earlier.

A week before championship people from all around the world started gathering in Lithuania – Kaunas Airport was full of sportsman, coaches, doctors and other participants.


What the Baltic Tours team did in Trakai?

Baltic Tours, as an official championship travel partner, looked after 1082 people from 63 countries. We took care of the food, transportation and accommodation. It was 1 000 kilos of pasta eaten, 10 000 liters of water drunk and more than 60 000 kilometers made during the championship!

What is more, we were speaking in many languages and now we know – we can communicate even in a body language!


Best score for the organization!

International Rowing Federation FISA rated this championship with the very best grade. We even got an award from Lithuanian Rowing Federation for the great organization and successful event. All of this wouldn‘t have been possible without impeccable job of our partners and without the huge help of 200 volunteers.

It’s unbelievable that we attained 1082 sportsman and 1500 foreign supporters in total, it is officially the biggest delegation so far!


The rowing spirit is already in Baltic Tours team’s heart, so we know that this championship was just the beginning of all the beautiful things that are still yet to come.