6 Perfect Places To Take Your Mother To

Posted by Tomas Papinigis  |  May 02, 2018

One of the most beautiful celebrations is on the horizon – the Mother’s Day! Here, at Baltic Tours, this day has a special significance for us. We’ve asked our mothers what places they would like to visit around the Baltic coast and we’ve crafted a special list of places you should take your mother to!

The Flam Railway

Dubbed as the most beautiful train journey in the world, the ride along the Flam Railway will amaze your mother for sure! The 12,5 mi. line has been among the top Norwegian tourist attraction for years, as it provides fabulous scenery of Norway’s mountains, lively waterfalls and magnificent nature! The Railway can be easily accessed from major cities, as the Flam Railway links nicely to Oslo-Bergen line.


Bergen, The Capital of Fjords

Bergen is a city that will quickly get to your Mother’s heart! The second-largest Norwegian city boasts impressive titles such as The Capital of Fjords or The City of Seven Mountains. Some of the world’s best hiking trails, fabulously beautiful fjords are located nearby, and finest traditional dishes makes Bergen a perfect place to explore magnificent fjords or to get a taste of Norwegian culture.


Gamla Stan, The Medieval Pearl of Stockholm

The icon of many Swedish postcards, Gamla Stan is one of the nicest medieval old-towns, located in the heart of Stockholm. Your mother will be charmed by the smell of fresh Scandinavian pastry, coming from cozy medieval bakeries and amazed by the narrow cobblestone streets, and golden-shaded buildings. For your Mother’s curiousness, such famous landmarks as the Nobel Museum and the Stockholm Cathedral can be reached at glance, making Gamla Stan not only a nice place to walk in, but a one to satisfy your need for culture and science!


The Treasures of Curonian Spit

If your mother took a look at the map of Lithuania, she would see an arrow-like peninsula in the western part of the country. This is a place that Lithuanians are very proud of and whose beauty is unmatched by the whole Baltic countries – the Curonian Spit. The home of high-rising dunes of white sand, long beaches and the unique cultural setting is definitely one of the best places to relax in the Baltics. Amazing fish dishes and iconic pine forests will leave some long-lasting memories, for sure!


The Historical City of Trakai

A day trip to Trakai is a perfect recipe made for a perfect Mother’s Day! Over 200 lakes are located in the region and the town itself is surrounded by 5 of them. The medieval Castle of Trakai, one of the most important tourist attractions in Lithuania, is located on the island of Lake Galvė and can be seen from almost any part of the city. Trakai is a less than 19 mi. drive from Vilnius, thus it can be reached with ease. Be sure to taste some of the nicest dishes from Karaims, as Trakai is one of the last remaining hubs of this ethnic group.


Rundale Palace, The Versailles of The East

If you’d like to take your mother to somewhere luxurious, you shouldn’t go to Versailles – go to Rundale instead! The Palace of Rundale was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the same architect who was responsible for the construction of the famous Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Be sure to visit this masterpiece of Baroque architecture in the summer, when the amazing gardens are blooming with some of the nicest roses you’ll ever see!


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