The Historical University of Tartu

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  October 06, 2016

The second-largest city in Estonia – Tartu, is located in the south of the capital Tallinn. It is a city inhabited by young people, and a fifth of all locals are university students. The city hosts the oldest Estonian University and is a unique place full of historical heritage and culture. Tartu is the academic capital of Estonia, and even though there are a lot of higher educational institutions, the city is most proud of one of the oldest universities in the Baltic States – UT. So, before you visit the city, here are some more interesting facts about the University of Tartu!

A Historical University

The University of Tartu dates back to the early 17th century and is one of the oldest universities in the Baltic States. The first students enrolled at the end of April 1632, and thus began a new era for Estonian education. Back in the day, the Academy in Tartu had philosophy, law, theology, and medical faculties. Now it has over 60 Bachelor‘s, 72 Master‘s, and 34 Doctor courses and is still growing. The UT aims to be an internationally recognized university, the center of research and academic spirit in Estonia.

Outstanding Architecture

The main building of The University of Tartu is one of the best-maintained gorgeous examples of neoclassical architecture in Estonia. It is designed by the architect Johann Wilhelm Krause between 1804 and 1809. The building is built following the classic neoclassical provisions and is worth seeing when you tour in Tartu.

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The UT Students

Nearly half of all Estonian upper secondary students, who won awards for outstanding academic accomplishment, chose the University of Tartu for their higher education. What is more, every year, the students in UT take more than half of national students’ awards. And compared to 2007, the number of PhD students at the University of Tartu has almost doubled! This is because the historic University works diligently to endorse the quality of education in all of its courses.

Diverse Achievements

The University of Tartu is famous for its various achievements. The UT makes sure to involve a vast range of diverse people in the university as well as achieve very different goals – everything from art to science! One of the UT professors discovered the ME-3 bacteria used in dairy products and was recognized as an ‘EU woman inventor and innovator.’ The UT houses a mobile science theatre which has received several international awards. The UT academic, athletic club has been the most successful sports clubs in Estonia for years. The goal of the University of Tartu is to create a stimulating environment, where students can endorse in activities they enjoy the most and achieve the best academic goals possible.

Tartu does have a very unusual setting – the atmosphere invites you to an unforgettable tour in the city, to experience the beautiful Estonian history and culture. Don‘t miss a chance to visit the University of Tartu which is responsible for the academic and cultural growth of all Estonia.