How much a trip to Poland cost

Posted by Kornelija Kadyte  |  April 17, 2019

In 2018, the 10th annual City Costs Barometer from Post Office Travel Money announced the cheapest European destinations and two cities of Poland: Warsaw and Krakow, was on the highest places of the list. This study counted a three-course meal for two with a bottle of house wine, a cup of coffee, a coca-cola, a beer and a glass of wine, a return bus or train transfer from the airport to the city, a 48-hour city travel card, a sightseeing tour and a visit to a leading museum, a gallery and a heritage attraction. According to the study, the cost of a trip to Warsaw is ~193 euros and the cost of a trip to Krakow is ~185 euros. If you`re interested in longer trips all across Poland, let’s dig into more details and see how much does a trip to Poland cost!


 Poland is about to blow your mind away from only €525!


Tours and entertainment

Poland has to offer a lot of free attractions during your vacation: hikes or skiing in the mountains, relaxation by the sea, walks in beautiful old towns and national parks. Although, if you want to explore Poland more deeply, it is a good idea to take a guided tour or visit museums. Here are some prices:

  • City tour cost usually varies from 20 to 40 euros in different cities of Poland
  • Entrance to Wieliczka salt mine: 4,7 eur
  • Entrance to Wawel Cathedral in Krakow: 2,8 eur
  • Entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau: free
  • Tour in Auschwitz-Birkenau: ~ 25 eur
  • Entrance to Malbork castle: 9 eur
  • Ticket to Copernicus science museum in Warsaw: ~ 7 eur
  • 4 days Bialowieza forest tour with Bizon safari: ~ 700 eur



Hotel prices in Warsaw start from 35 euros for a double room, which makes the price for a person – 16 euros. Prices in hostels for a bed in shared room or rooms in smaller cities are even lower. If you`re a budget traveler, you can find a bed for less than 10 euros per night!

Apartments` prices on Airbnb are almost the same in all Poland and usually, range from 20 to 100 euros for a night. The price is around 30 euros for a simple, but nice and modern apartment or around 60-80 euros for luxurious apartments with extraordinary views.

For fun experiences and even smaller cost of a trip to Poland, you can always try Couchsurfing. There is more than 50 000 host in all Poland, who are accepting guests in their homes for free!

 Poland is about to blow your mind away from only €525!



Meal in a restaurant – 5 eur
Beer in a restaurant – 1,6 eur
Coffee in a restaurant- 1,5 – 2 eur

Food prices in Poland shops:

  • Bread – 0,6 euro
  • Butter – 1,05 euro
  • Cheese (1kg) – 4,6 euro
  • Ham (1kg) – 5,8 euro
  • Eggs (10) – 1,2 euro
  • Meat (1kg) – 3,5 euro
  • Fish (1kg) – 5,4 euro
  • Bottle of water – 0,4 euro
  • Coca-cola – 1,2 euro
  • Bottle of wine – 3,5 euro
  • Bottle of beer – 0,6 euro

The average cost in a Polish cuisine restaurant is 20 euros for two people (2 mid-ranged appetizers, 2 main meal, 2 beverages, and 1 dessert), but you can find a lot of simple, budget-friendly places, where two people can eat for around 8 euros. For a fine dining experience, you could expect to pay around 50 euros for two people.



Public transport prices in Warsaw:

  • Single ticket – 1,03 euro
  • 1-day ticket – 3,5 euro
  • 3-day ticket – 8,4 euro
  • Weekend ticket – 5,60 euro

Car rental prices start from:

  • 50 euros per day in Warsaw
  • Around 30 euros per day in smaller cities of Poland

Some examples of train cost of a trip to Poland between different cities:

  • Warsaw – Krakow: 18 euros or 40 with a high-speed train
  • Gdansk – Zakopane: 24 euros


The average cost for the trip to Poland

Of course, it’s impossible to say exactly how much does a trip to Poland cost, because every travelers` needs and wishes are different: people can choose between luxurious hotels and low budget hostels, between fine dining restaurants and local cafes, between hikes in the mountains and relaxation at SPA. But let’s create a hypothetical vacation model and see what would be the average cost for a trip to Poland.

Let’s say, that you are planning a 7-day trip for two people with a medium budget and you want to spend few days in the North of Poland, few days in the South of Poland and the weekend in Warsaw.

  • Train ride with a high-speed train from Warsaw to Gdansk: ~80 euros
  • Car rental for few days in Gdansk to visit the North of Poland: ~30 euros (without gas)
  • Hotel on a seaside in Leba in a 3-star hotel for 2 nights: ~80 euros
  • Train ride with a high-speed train from Gdansk to Krakow: ~105 euros
  • Car rental for few days in Krakow to visit the South of Poland: ~100 euros (without gas)
  • Studio apartment for one night in the old town of Krakow: ~35 euros
  • Apartment with mountains view in Zakopane: ~30 euro
  • A train ride from Krakow to Warsaw with a high-speed train: ~80 euros
  • Public transport in Warsaw for a weekend: ~10 euros
  • 2 nights in 3-star hotel in Warsaw: ~60 euros
  • Main attractions in Warsaw: ~ 50 euros
  • Food for a week (without restaurants): ~ 50 euros
  • 5 meals in Milk bars (bar mleczny) – Polish style cafeterias that serve low-cost food: ~40 euros
  • 2 meals in restaurants: ~70 euros

The total average cost for the trip to Poland for 2 people (7 days, without flights): ~ 820 euros.


For a low budget trip to Poland choose to eat more in Milk bars, to stay in hostels and to visit free sites, which Poland has a lot, or don’t choose high-speed trains, because the tickets of them cost double. Your vacation in Poland can be really inexpensive: after all, Poland is one of the cheapest European destinations.

 Poland is about to blow your mind away from only €525!