Best time to visit Baltic countries

Posted by Baltic Tours  |  June 25, 2019

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The Baltic States are a historical region uniting the three states on the Baltic Sea coast. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are the best Baltic states to visit. These countries with a centuries-old history, each of which has saved for posterity a distinctive culture, has a unique architectural heritage and the nature of the Baltic coast in its pristine beauty. If you love the sight of colourful medieval streets, the majestic castles, the pacifying beauty of the landscapes, the healing springs – visit the Baltic States.


If you question yourself what the best time to visit Baltic countries is, your choice will depend on your preferences and budget. The choice of the best month to go to the Baltic region is mostly dependent on the balance between your goals and the budget.

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Best months to visit the Baltic countries

What is the best month to go to Lithuania? This country lies on the shore of the Baltic Sea, so it is difficult to call it warm. The best period to come to Lithuania to enjoy the summer warmth and the sun is from late May to early September. At this time it is warm here, although there are rains, fogs and cold weather too. Best places to visit in this period are Trakai with its castle in the middle of the lake, the Old Town in Klaipeda, Palanga and Nida resort.

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The best time to visit the Baltic countries also depends on whether you like people and noisy atmosphere or calm and lonely walks. If you want to feel true Christmas spirit, the best period for a trip to Lithuania is December and early January. At this time prices are really high and Lithuania can be compared with the most expensive countries in Europe.

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During Christmas, Vilnius is full of snow. January is the coldest month of the year. The ski resorts of the country are open from December, so you can visit any of them. Pay attention to Ignalina and Birštonas.

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The peak of prices falls on the Christmas holidays and July-August. The remaining months are much cheaper for tourists than at the same time in the Western Europe, although there are no fewer medieval monuments, museums and Christian churches here.

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Spring weather in Lithuania is relatively cold and sometimes rainy. In late March and early April, the average daily temperature goes up, snow melts, streams flow, and spring landscapes are accompanied by floods. At this time, it is most convenient to visit Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai and Trakai as sightseeing cities. And at the end of May, you can safely go to Neringa.


The best time to travel to Latvia is from May to September. During this period, it is warm enough. In late autumn and winter, the dank cold falls on the Baltic coast (from November to March, the average temperature stays around zero) and the winds are pretty strong, so it is not recommended at all to go to Latvia during this period. But in the offseason (late September – early October and late April) there are short, but very comfortable periods, in which nature seems to freeze and even the drizzling rain adds colour to the overall picture.

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Summer season is the best period to come to Estonia, especially for the elderly people. During this period everybody can enjoy the clean air, excellent beaches and the clear sea. The swimming season opens in early June, but the water temperature at this time is no more than +16 .. + 18 ° C. However, by July and August, the sea water becomes much warmer – up to +19 .. + 23 ° C. The bottom of coastal areas is rather shallow, and a shallow layer of water warms up quickly enough even if the weather is not hot.

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Winter in Estonia is a real paradise for lovers of active leisure. With the arrival of the first frosts, ice rinks open throughout the country. The rivers, covered with a thick layer of ice, lakes and bays attract the Estonians like a magnet.

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There are no mountains in the country, nevertheless, there are plenty of winter parks and ski resorts based on low slopes. Perfectly equipped trails of a small level of complexity are ideal for beginners and skiers. At the moment, the most popular ski resort in Estonia is the city of Otepää located in the south. Stable snow cover and prevailing sub-zero temperatures contribute to the relatively long ski season — from mid-December to mid-March. During this time, a series of competitions and events devoted to winter sports take place in the country. For example, in February, the whole attention is riveted to the south-western city of Pärnu, where a 10-day Ice Festival is held. It is marked not only by sledging, skating or skiing but also by picnics in the snow, music and dancing.


Each of the Baltic countries is interesting in its own way and visiting this region on the most perfect time makes your experience unforgettable. As you see, the best time to visit the Baltic countries depends on how much you are ready to spend and how much memories you want to bring from your travel.