Voss is the adventure capital of Norway

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 23, 2016

Surrounded by marvellous forests, fjords, rivers and mountains, stands a beautiful town named Voss. The beautiful nature did something amazing to this little town – it provided Voss with the opportunity to create extremely adventurous activities! That‘s why it‘s considered that Voss is the adventure capital of Norway! The extreme sports and fun things to do will leave no visitors indifferent!

Taking adventures to another level

If you love adventures and the amazing adrenaline rush that only extreme sports and activities can give you, you have to visit Voss! For over two centuries, locals in Voss have been taking advantage of the nature surrounding the town, as well as local traditions and Norwegian culture. There are not many places in Norway that could offer more extreme experiences than Voss! So it really is perfect for those who just love getting the adrenaline rush. Voss offers everything best! Skydiving, white water rafting, bungee jumping – you name it, Voss has it! Tourism in Voss is well developed, and everyone can find something that fits theirs needs! Of course for those who like staying active, but don‘t like getting too crazy – Voss has plenty of activities planned. Skiing, hiking, biking, camping and all the best that comes from Norwegian nature can be found in Voss!

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Food, glorious food!

Active holidays in Voss will make everyone hungry, luckily food in this town is unbelievable! Voss is located in a region that has a long and rich food heritage. These are no place better to taste traditional and rare Norwegian dishes than Voss. Some places serve traditional style meat dishes that can only be found in that region! Locals in Voss follow very unique recipes and traditions when it comes to cooking. Try the traditional style lamb, cured and seasoned meat, sour cream porridge and many many more of the exceptional traditional Norwegian cuisine. Not only the activities in Voss are adventurous – food is too!

Spectacular nature

The best thing about visit any region in Norway is always the fantastic nature. The sights make you feel like you are walking in a dream or were taken to a fairy-tale by some fortunate mistake. Voss is surrounded by magnificent fjords, mountains, rivers, forests and meadows. The many hiking trails will allow you to observe the incredible surrounding. Just walk around in the mountains or go to see the Norwegian fjords – it’s so beautiful, you‘ll have to take a step back just to take it all in. The fresh air will make you feel like a new person, and the beautiful sights will force you to fall in love with life even more!

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