Top 5 modern art galleries to visit in Stockholm

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 05, 2016

Stockholm is the perfect city to travel in for Art lovers. Just walking in the streets of this beautiful Sweden capital can seem like wandering around in a museum – the architecture is breathtaking and the city of full of historical and art monuments. When you visit the city, make sure to ask your Stockholm travel guide about the museums you’re going to visit, since the city homes an amazing collection of beautiful places for you to see. We even prepared a list of Top 5 modern art galleries to visit in Stockholm.

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Galleri Magnus Karlsson

The gallery was founded in 1990 and used to be located outside of the city, but because of its popularity, it was moved to Stockholm in 1997. The gallery managed to develop one of most spectacular and memorable modern art exhibition collections. The Galleri Magnus Karlsson has a mission of supporting the classic fine arts in Sweden, but also it supports and represents new talents in the modern art scene. The gallery promotes Swedish art and covers a vast range of different exhibitions, hosts performances and art fairs.

Wetterling Gallery

Since the gallery opened in 1978, it has been leading the way for modern art in Sweden, and even in whole Scandinavia. The Wetterling Gallery focuses on Swedish artist and their works following the latest trends, but also introduces new international artists to the local art scene. The gallery hosts around seven different exhibitions every year, represents famous artists but shows a lot of support for new emerging talents.

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The largest space for contemporary photography exhibition in Sweden is located in an Art Nouveau style old industrial building. The building dates back to 1906 and has an extraordinary view over the Djurgården island. It was redesigned in 2010 by an architect Ferdinand Boberg and quickly became one of the most popular spots amongst local art lovers. The gallery now holds most of the contemporary photography exhibitions in Stockholm.

Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet is a perfect location for classic and modern art lovers to visit on their Stockholm tour. It holds some of the most famous Europe‘s collections, including work of artists like Picasso, Derkert, Matisse and Dali! The gallery covers exhibitions presenting contemporary art and the modern classic. Moderna Museet offers fist class programs of temporary exhibitions and even has workshops for children. And the best thing is – the entrance is free!


When the Andréhn-Schiptjenko Gallery was founded in the early 1990s, the Scandinavian galleries were starting to develop more of an international approach. Since the opening, the gallery has launched several careers of Scandinavian artists and introduced a fair amount of international artists to the local art scene. José León Cerrillo‘s first show in Europe was held at the Andréhn-Schiptjenko thus adding him to the local scene. Artists represented by the gallery usually have a very edgy approach and produce experimental work. For example – Jacob Dahlren and Annica Larsson both push boundaries of the visual art and touch very tricky topics.

Scandinavian Modern Art scene would not be the same without the influence of Stockholm‘s galleries. The Swedish capital homes a broad range of excellent contemporary art galleries and museums, which is perfect for art lovers that decide to visit Stockholm.