Which City Airports Are The Busiest?

Posted by Gabriele Gudaityte  |  August 31, 2016

One of the oldest airlines in the world, that is operating since 1923, presents the TOP-4 destinations among Lithuanian travellers. It appears that Aeroflot – a proud member of the SkyTeam global alliance that together with its partners serve 1057 destinations in 179 countries worldwide – usually has high demand on the flights to Bangkok, Dubai, New York and Baku. Sigitas Fabijonavicius, the general manager of “Baltictours.com”, looks into the main reasons for travelling to these destinations.

Bangkok for business travel and uncommon experiences

Bankokas_Skrendu.lt-archyvo-nuotrDuring 2015, Aeroflot flew even 2642 times via the Vilnius-Bangkok route. However, it is trivial that Bangkok is often not the final stop and after transferring, passengers take on different destinations. According to S. Fabijonavicius, tourists craving for white sand beaches often fly to Bangkok in order to reach one of the remote Thailand’s islands. However, Bangkok, which is also called “Venice of the East” and “The City of Angels”, has a sufficient number of visitors. One of the main purposes of taking this route is business trips, and the remaining travellers are tourists looking for uncommon experiences.

“Bangkok is often chosen by the curious, who want to experience a wealthy city offset by poor outskirts and alleys, to see exotic nature views, visit architecturally magnificent temples and palaces, blended in with miserable shacks, and even briefly experience the history of the city built in the sixteenth century. Bangkok also attracts the lovers of gastronomy – it’s always interesting to taste street food cooked by local Thais.”, claimed Mr Fabijonavicius.

Dubai – beach amenities fit the business destination

Dubajus_Skrendu.lt-archyvo-nuotrThe largest and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is well known as one of the most popular business destinations. Last year Aeroflot company took passengers from Vilnius to this city almost 761 times. “This destination is convenient as a changing stop since one can easily reach all Asian countries, Australia or New Zealand after transferring at Dubai airport”, said the manager of “Baltictours.com”. The popularity of Dubai as a destination is also determined by the nearby resort cities. Shardja, Ajman and Fujairah, all of which are at the South of Persian Gulf, offer tourists one of the best beaches in the world, surrounded by orange sand desserts with green oasis and extended mountains.

New York – trip to the centre of culture

Niujorkas_Skrendu.lt-archyvo-nuotrMillions of tourists every year swarm to the most inhabited, widely featured in films and the city Frank Sinatra sang about – New York. As claimed by Mr Fabijonavicius, the city known as the Mecca of journalism, culture, art and fashion is considered to be popular among the airline’s customers mainly because of cognitive purposes. “New York awakens, invites and draws into a dynamic lifestyle. Tourists in this city are attracted by international cuisines, never-ending nightlife and by the diversity of cultures”, said the manager of “Baltictours.com”. For the other travellers, the city is particularly attractive because of its influence in finance and trade. “New York destination is in the great request because of its business relations, as well as its tourism travels. Last year the Aeroflot’s aircrafts flew Vilnius–New York a surprising 3661 times”, said Mr Fabijonavicius.

Baku – modern architecture and traditional grounds

Baku_Skrendu.lt-archyvo-nuotrIn 2015, Aeroflot’s aircrafts took 197 trips Vilnius-Baku. Most of the passengers were travelling to this city, famous for it’s oil industry, regarding their business. However, this route is often chosen for leisure and cognitive travelling too. “The gloss of Baku is truly controversial – the city nourished by black hold is offset by nation’s high poverty rates. The details of everyday life intrigue and often force to look at Azerbaijan from a different angle. Travellers are usually surprised by the influence of religion to culture and citizens’ reticence, as well as conservatism.”, said experience representative of the tourism industry, S. Fabijonavicius.


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