Sunny beaches in Jurmala

Posted by Agnė Januškevičiūtė  |  August 04, 2016

To see the sea

Sea freshness, the murmur of pines, kilometres of white sand… All this and more can be found on a tour to Latvia and its the largest resort town called Jurmala. Calm in summer and stormy in winter time Jurmala is a great place to visit at any season of the year. And it has much more to do and see than just the beach!
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Sandy beaches

Almost 26 kilometres along the Gulf of Riga is full of white sand and calm water. No matter what you are looking for – empty beach or rich cultural life – all you can find while visiting Jurmala. Blue Flag certificates provide that the beach is clean and safe. Moreover, several beaches, like Vakarbuli, have plenty of playgrounds and attractions for children and are well prepared for people in wheelchairs.
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History of swimwear

What is better to wear when you live in a resort than a swimwear? A real lady does not wear the same piece of attire for more than one season, so it’s not surprising that they have a vast collection of swimwear. You can see all beach wear in Jurmala city museum, and maybe you can find something to get as a souvenir from Latvia tour? Do not forget to visit cosy museums cafe and have a snack!

Dzintari Concert Hall

Dzintari Concert Hall complex was built in the 1930s. Even today it has excellent acoustics and is popular not only among Latvian performers. Annual jazz and classical music festival, international comedy festival, the incredible Festival of Ballet Stars in Jurmala… that is just a few events holding in this unique concert hall. Maybe try to plan your next trip to Latvia according to a schedule of Dzintari Concert Hall?

Nature life

Have you ever been in a swamp? While visiting Jurmala, you have a great chance to do so!The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk is a popular place to visit in Kemeri National Park. Also, it is well known among photographers for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets scenes. When you enter the park, you feel like you are in the other world – moss, small pine trees, deep pools, tiny dark lakes… The smell of wild rosemary and sound of birds – real wild nature!

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