St. Petersburg is a city full of inspiration

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 27, 2016

Known as the Venice of the North, or as I like to call it – Kingdom of White Nights, St. Petersburg is truly something out of this world. There is something is lingering in the air, something you will feel as you wander around the cobbled streets, that will get under your skin and will never leave you alone. St. Petersburg is a city full of inspiration, so for those seeking it, the city is a number one place to visit. The beautiful colorful buildings, friendly people and it‘s incredible historical light, is worth seeing so make sure to take part in one of the many excellent St. Petersburg tours.

A city of art

After Peter the Great had fallen in love with European cities, he ordered to build a city that would be a „window to Europe“. Once St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia and was always the home of culture and art. As you walk around the city, you can’t help but feel affection for the colorful and outstanding architecture; it seems that every little part of St. Petersburg is a piece of art. If you are looking for inspiration, the first place to visit and dedicate your time to is without a doubt the Hermitage Art Museum. The director of the museum once said: “I can’t say that the Hermitage is the number one museum in the world, but it’s certainly not number two.” The museum holds over three million art pieces housed in five different buildings. No art lover should ever miss an opportunity to visit the Hermitage as it covers exhibitions for all of the best European art movements. The museum also has floors dedicated to historical periods such as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.
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Learning the history

St. Petersburg is a city with a rich and colorful history. Being home to Russian monarchy and intellectuals, the city holds a vast amount of places to visit. It can often seem that every building in St. Petersburg has a story behind it. When you are on a St. Petersburg tour, make sure to visit the greatest historical monuments the city holds. Right where the Alexander II was killed, stands Church of the Bleeding Savior – something that every tour in St. Petersburg covers. The vivid and outstanding church holds a very deep emotional meaning to the Russian folks and is the face of Russian culture altogether. One of the must – see things in St. Petersburg is Peter-Paul Fortress. History enthusiast will love it – once a fortress, that later became a prison for political criminals, it now holds various exhibitions and lets you take in a beautiful panoramic view of the city. When you get a chance, feast your eyes at the Winter Palace – a building where the Russian monarchy once lived at – and it‘s outstanding Naryshkin style architecture.

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Getting to know the locals

When you‘re on any of the St. Petersburg tours, take advantage of meeting one of the warmest and most cultured nations in the world. People in St. Petersburg are known for their hospitality and friendliness. It is more than easy to meet people in the city, as everyone in St. Petersburg is up for a friendly chat about culture or anything else you can think about. While dining in one of the many traditional Russian Cuisine restaurants, strike a conversation with the local people and get to know the city and its culture on a personal level.
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St. Petersburg is something out of this world, and Baltic Tours has prepared many opportunities for you to see the city. Take advantage of the four-day St. Petersburg City Break tour and seek for inspiration while getting to know the city.