Spring It’s a Bloom Season in Lithuania

Posted by Eglė  |  April 28, 2022

Spring is a magnificent time of the year to appreciate the beauty of Lithuania, when all the apple and cherry trees are in full blossom and shines in bright white and pink colours at every homestead, in the dense forest, in botanical gardens, even between the city walls. We invite you to discover and appreciate the beauty of this natural phenomena in Lithuania with us! 

Apple tree Bloom

Lithuania has hundreds of apple tree breeds growing on its land. Every spring millions of buds of the trees explode with pink or white flowers. Lithuanian homesteads, abandoned settlements and gardens are covered with white petal carpets. Probably the most beautiful time of the year!


Why to travel? Apple is one of the most popular fruit trees in Lithuania that occupy about 76 percent of Lithuanian land. Many have been growing them in their gardens for a very long time, because blooming tree symbolizes success, prosperity, and material well-being. Therefore, a blooming apple orchard always soothes the sight, freshen up the mood and relieve stress for those who visit. Also gives opportunity to learn about folkloric Lithuanian traditions and culture.

When to travel? The middle of May is the bloom of the apple trees in Lithuania. 


Cherry Bloom and Sakura Park

The cherry tree has been known as a cultivated plant since ancient times. And its Cherry blooms are one of the most anticipated gifts of spring in Lithuania that symbolize the fleeting nature of life. Also, Lithuanians believed that cherry orchards had an aura of holinessThat’s why today you can find a variety of cherry trees growing in Lithuania, usually on the outskirts, gardens, around homesteads, or on roadsides. One of the oldest considered sour cherries Prunus cerasus’ and the newest growing one Sakura otherwise known as Japanese cherry. 

Why to travel? Lithuania offers 17 and more places all over the country where you can admire cherry blossoms and get acquainted with local culture and architecture. The most popular ones are in Vilnius – Vingis Department of Vilnius University Botanical Garden, MRU University, and Č. Sugihara Sakura Park at the White Bridge that holds more than 200 Japanese cherry trees planted in the diplomat’s honor, who helped 6000 Jews escape Europe during Holocaust.


Kaunas also one of the popular places in Lithuania that boasts cherry blossoms. There are even several places on Nemunas Island where these trees are growing. Older cherries grow along the Nemunas riverbed. There are several cherry trees lined up on the waterfront. The trees are adorned with beautiful flowers every spring. Another place in the area that invites you to stop and admire cherry blossom is in the middle of the island, near the pedestrian bridge. In this area, the trees are more abundant. They are planted in more than one row and form a small cherry park. In addition, here, when winter frosts pass, you will find split white flowers decorated in shades of pink.

When to travel? Cherry blooms very briefly in Lithuania – sometimes only for a week and if the weather is favourable, then for three weeks in April. Cherry blossoms spread slowly because not all trees bloom at once in white and various shades of pink. Their flowers explode way before apples and other trees.


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