Copenhagen – perfect for weekend getaway!

Posted by Simona Lukošaitytė  |  July 18, 2016

Scandinavian countries – astounding destination. Of course, if you simply have one short weekend in your city break plans – choose Denmark and hit the road for Copenhagen. Why? Because it’s a lovely, quite small and not tiring city to visit. Moreover, you will get inspired by the shades of the city – it is completely sparkling with fascinating colour palette. Officially, Copenhagen is being kept one of the most colourful cities in the whole Europe. Are you ready to visit Denmark? Prepared for tours in Copenhagen? Make it happen, from dream – to reality!

So what’s the plan?

The best way to explore the city properly and feel like a local – bike. So get ready for adventures, cause’ Copenhagen is one of those crazy biking-culture cities. The bicycle has already become quite a symbol of whole Denmark, because most of the people use it every single day. So be careful and stay cool!


Another great tip – don’t forget to buy famouse Copenhagen Card. It will help you with cheaper sightseeing! More than 70 museums and parks – all in one card – unlimited. If you wan to to see and to feel the real culture of Denmark we recommend to visit The Workers Museum in Copenhagen. And what’s that about? Well, you will be able to explore homes and shops of the 20th century. Travellers, who have already visited Copenhagen, are saying that you can feel where like in fairy-tale. Especially, if you are Hans Christian Andersen fan! In Copenhagen you can find his study and hear some intriguing stories about his life and pieces and works. Or… maybe you consider yourself a fan of operas & theatres? You can easily find really cheap standing tickets and watch famous performances in controversial Copenhagen Opera Hause.

Copenhagen is also a perfect city to go to if you are travelling with small kids. Denmark suggests free activities for families. Where you can find LEGOLAND and some great inspirational buildings. Or just go for a walk in streets, because most of the streets in Copenhagen are so colourful and giving good energy for every tourist.

Food. Where shall we go? What shall we order?

In Copenhagen you can find a lot of cosy places to eat or to drink coffee and spend time. Most of the places have really unique and stylish design. Some places are even called 2in1 – restaurants and painting studio combination, or cafe and also tattoo studio. How cool is that, huh? Anyway, always try to ask locals where they go and eat, this is the easiest way to find a local great place, not crowded with tourists.

Also, we really recommend to visit and buy some fresh fruits and vegetables in local markets. Those markets offer you everything from smoked fish, cheese or bread and salad. Just give yourself time and try to taste local food. In Copenhagen where are a lot of beautiful parks where everyone can arrange a picnic. Easy as that!

5 top dishes to eat in Copenhagen: Open-Faced Sandwiches called Smørrebrød, trendy Organic Hotdogs, Linguini with clams, Raspberry Bars called Hindbærsnitter and fresh and hipster New Nordic Cuisine.


Things you need to know before going to Copenhagen

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to find a restaurant which is open over 10 p.m. Because most of the people are eating dinner around 6pm. Copenhagen is a very green city so you need to know before going to visit this city what people don’t like to use cars they prefer bikes. They also don’t like to use a metro. They even joking what there are no reasons to disappear underground. Local people are super friendly for all tourists. If you lost your way or need some advice, they will help you easily and will smile to you all the time.


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